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Hanging Out with the Toyota Tundra

The Toyota Tundra is often recognized as the pickup of choice for those interested in a truck primarily for recreational use. With its V8 engine and Toyota's reputation for reliability and durability, it's perfectly suited for hauling a wide variety of gear to and from the trail or loading up on supplies at the local home improvement center.

In recent years, Toyota has incorporated a few additional heavy-duty add-ons to its most recent model in an attempt to competing with other manufacturers. But, Toyota owners seem to be content with the design as is, which may have something to do with the fact that it’s the first full-size pickup to have earned the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's Top Safety Pick, scoring especially high on the side impact test. Tundra owners have also come to realize that what it may lack in appearance and performance can easily be achieved through Tundra accessories, like Tundra headlights, Tundra shocks, Tundra air filters and Toyota Tundra floor mats. You’ll find a few more of the most popular upgrades included in detail below.

Tundra Tonneau Covers

Tundra tonneau covers transform the bed of your rig into a movable safe, protecting your tools and other cargo from thieves and the elements. Among the various models available, which range between roll-up and soft top tonneaus to fiberglass and hard-plastic tonneaus, hard top Tundra tonneau covers are consistently the most popular due to their appearance and extreme durability.

Tundra Trailer Hitches

A tow hitch is a device that attaches to the chassis of your Tundra and allows the towing of campers, boats or recreational equipment. Toyota Tundra trailer hitches are available in two main configurations: receiver type, mounted to the frame of your vehicle, and fixed-drawbar hitches that typically feature a one-piece construction and have a built-in hole for the trailer ball. Of the two, most Toyota owners prefer the receiver type for its ability to accept a wide range of accessories as opposed to the fixed-drawbar type that’s generally not compatible with hitch-related toys.

Tundra Exhaust System

When performance is key and you’re looking to improve your overall output, you have to streamline the process by which your engine handles its air intake and exhaust. A Tundra exhaust system is engineered to your specific make, model and year to maximize your engine’s exhaust flow and provide a smoother conduit for spent gases to escape. Toyota Tundra exhaust components work together to enhance the overall output of your vehicle by allowing the engine to breathe easier, immediately boosting power from 5 - 10 percent by delivering noticeable increases in both horsepower and torque. These simple improvements also provide the most efficient fuel economy, translating to a noticeable savings at the pump if you can keep the lead out of your foot.

Toyota Tundra Brakes

The Tundra is highly popular for off-road use, so it’s no surprise that Toyota Tundra brakes are at the top of the aftermarket upgrade list. The brake rotors found in Toyota Tundra brakes feature a slotted design – exactly like those fitted onto racecars – that allows a more rapid cooling of the braking surface for increased performance and added bite. Plus, they deliver maximum stopping ability no matter how wet the terrain through a design that channels water away from the braking area, making them well worth the investment for their reliability and extended performance.

Toyota accessories, including Tundra cold air intakes, are designed to give Tundra owners what the manufacture didn’t: optimal performance at minimal cost. Plus, each upgrade is available in a do-it-yourself kit and comes complete with all the necessary instructions and mounting hardware.

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