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AEM DryFlow Cold Air Intake Replacement Filters - 21-202DK

AEM Dryflow Air Filter (Red)
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  • Style:
    AEM part # 21-202DK
  • Part #:
  • 2 3/4" flange, 6" base, 5" top, 5" high
  • Replaces the intake filter on the following AEM intake kits:
  • Cold Air Intakes: 21-402P, 21-402R, 21-404B, 21-404C, 21-404P, 21-404R, 21-405C, 21-405P, 21-416B, 21-416C, 21-416P, 21-417B, 21-417C, 21-417P, 21-417R, 21-421B, 21-421C, 21-432B, 21-432C, 21-432P, 21-432R, 21-433B, 21-433C
  • 21-433P, 21-433R, 21-434C, 21-434P, 21-436B, 21-436C, 21-436P, 21-436R, 21-447B, 21-447C, 21-447P, 21-447R, 21-448B, 21-448C, 21-448P, 21-448R, 21-466C, 21-466P, 21-466R, 21-469C, 21-469P, 21-469R, 21-475B, 21-475C, 21-475P, 21-483C, 21-483P
  • 21-484B, 21-484C, 21-484P, 21-486C, 21-486P, 21-491C, 21-491P, 21-492B, 21-492C, 21-492P, 21-493B, 21-493C, 21-493P, 21-493R, 21-494C, 21-494P, 21-500B, 21-500C, 21-500P, 21-500R, 21-502C, 21-502P, 21-502R, 21-505C, 21-507C, 21-515C, 21-515P
  • 21-518B, 21-518C, 21-518P, 21-518R, 21-522B, 21-522C, 21-522P, 21-533C, 21-533P, 21-536P, 21-545B, 21-545C, 21-545P, 21-545R, 21-546C, 21-546P, 21-563B, 21-563C, 21-563P, 21-563R, 21-564B, 21-564C, 21-564P, 21-564R, 21-677C, 21-677P, 21-681C
  • Brute Force Intakes: 21-8217DC, 21-8217DP, 21-8402DC, 21-8402DP
  • Short Ram Intakes: 22-402B, 22-402P, 22-402R, 22-403B, 22-403P, 22-403R, 22-404B, 22-404P, 22-404R, 22-405B, 22-405P, 22-405R, 22-406B, 22-406P, 22-406R, 22-416B, 22-416P, 22-416R, 22-417B, 22-417P, 22-417R, 22-432B, 22-432P, 22-432R
  • 22-433P, 22-433R, 22-441B, 22-441P, 22-441R, 22-445B, 22-445P, 22-445R, 22-446B, 22-446P, 22-446R, 22-451B, 22-451P, 22-451R, 22-466B, 22-466R, 22-469B, 22-469P, 22-469R, 22-470B, 22-470P, 22-470R, 22-474B, 22-474P, 22-474R, 22-480B, 22-433B
  • 22-480P, 22-480R, 22-482B, 22-482P, 22-482R, 22-483B, 22-483P, 22-483R, 22-484B, 22-484P, 22-484R, 22-501B, 22-501P, 22-501R, 22-503B, 22-503P, 22-503R, 22-516B, 22-516P, 22-516R
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