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Takeda Air Intake Systems

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  • Jan


    Read Takeda Air Intake Systems Customer Reviews

    Know before you buy! Read customer reviews about Takeda Air Intake Systems or ask our Product Experts. Shop Online, Get Free Shipping & 1-Year Low Price Guarantee.

  • Aug


    Takeda vs. AEM: Which Cold Air Intake Performs & Sounds Best?

    On the battlefield known as the cold air intake kits market, there’s a brand battle of epic proportions waging right now. Cold air intake is the most competitive market in the aftermarket industry, and Takeda vs. AEM is the latest industry melee. One thing to be sure of though, in such a competitive landscape, when brands like Takeda or AEM stick around, it’s because they make great stuff.

  • Nov


    The Pros of Installing a Performance Cold Air Intake System in Your Vehicle

    When drivers think about ways to get more power out of their engines they often look to the exhaust to replace cylinders or install oversized pistons. However, one of the best, easiest and most affordable ways is to upgrade you cold air intake (CAI).