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Learn How Cold Air Intakes Work

There are a few things every guy needs to know: how to grill a steak, how to build a campfire and how to get the most out of his vehicle by optimizing the engine. Believe it or not, the first two items in that list are more complicated than the last. Increasing the efficiency of your engine is as simple as incorporating the performance components found in cold air intake systems. But, how does a cold air intake system work? First, let’s start by looking at how stock components don’t work.

Stock air intake systems are designed primarily to turn the volume down on engine noise. Their power-robbing construction is composed of numerous twists and turns that do muffle sound but at the cost of restricting airflow and reducing your engine’s power potential. In contrast, performance-grade air intakes are engineered to remove these encumbrances, providing an overall efficiency to your internal combustion engine by drawing in cool air and facilitating an increase in the amount of oxygen used for combustion. The concept is deceptively simple: the more air your engine receives, the higher the output. But, that’s exactly how it works.

In fact, aftermarket air intake systems have been proven to add up to 18 hp as well as 40 lbs of torque, depending on the vehicle they're installed in. Plus, they streamline your fuel economy, adding between 1 - 2 miles per gallon, quickly making up for their cost by reducing the frequency with which you’ll have to visit the pump. For even better fuel economy, you can couple air intakes with throttle body spacers to place a high-velocity spin on incoming air, transforming your engine's air supply into a power-packed vortex. By doing so, you further improve your air-to-fuel ratio and provide an even greater boost in gas mileage.

Cold air intakes, including intake manifolds, are manufactured vehicle-specific and tailored to your unique make, model and year, including Ford cold air intakes, Ram air intakes, Chevy Camaro cold air intakes and Dodge Charger air intakes. This quality design provides both a high level of reliability and output as well as a quality fit that is easily incorporated with your engine’s other components.

Simple to install with just a few basic hand tools, cold air intakes provide a cost-effective way to achieve added acceleration punch while maximizing fuel economy by removing the strain of stock parts. Similar to performance exhaust systems, they completely replace your stock components, allowing for the greatest improvement to overall horsepower and torque of any other performance upgrade. Though the installation process differs depending on your vehicle, most installations only take about an hour—some even go from start to finish in as little as 10 minutes!

Cold air intakes consistently stand out as some of the most popular Ford accessories and Dodge accessories on the market. Simple to install and highly economical in regard to the money they’ll save you at the pump, they’re the number-one choice for anyone looking to boost power, performance and the overall economy of their vehicle.

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