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How to Install a Cold Air Intake on a Dodge Ram

Installing Ram Intakes
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Due to the huge amounts of hidden horsepower lurking under the hood of the average Dodge Ram, and the throngs of speed freaks and enthusiasts willing to unleash it, one of the most popular Dodge Ram accessories is the performance intake system. Factory Dodge intakes are literally strangling your powerplant, and a performance Dodge cold air intake is just the thing to loosen the grip.

Helpful Tips

When it comes to wrangling a helping hand for your intake Dodge Ram installation, many candidates are likely to dodge the question. First, assure them that unlike Dodge Ram running board installation they helped you with, they will not be lying under your truck all afternoon. Then, tempt them with promises of all-you-can-eat hot wings and bottomless Big Gulps after the work’s done. That’ll do it!

Picking a Brand

Thanks to a hyper-competitive cold air intake industry, there are many cold air intake systems designed by top brands just for your Ram. Here are just a few of the main brands:

K&N Cold Air Intake:

• Pioneered the performance intake industry

• Winner of numerous awards

• Most recognized brand in the biz

aFe Intake Systems

• Choice of 2 performance stages

• Choice of up to 3 performance filters

Volant Cold Air Intake

• High-velocity Air Box for maximum intake

• Includes Volant PowerCore 100,000 mile air filter

Steps to Install

The choice is yours. Of course, installation varies little by brand, and though you WILL ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR SPECIFIC MANUFACTURER’S INSTRUCTIONS, most follow the following procedure for a typical 2010 Dodge Ram intake:

  • 1. Disconnect the negative battery cable
  • 2. Remove hoses and the mass air sensor from factory air intake
  • 3. Lift the engine cover
  • 4. Remove the factory air box assembly
  • 5. Install the new crankcase vent assembly
  • 6. Install the new heat shield assembly
  • 7. Install the cold air intake tube to the heat shield adaptor and throttle body
  • 8. Reinstall the breather hoses, air temperature sensor, mass air sensor, etc
  • 9. Install the new air filter
  • 10. Reconnect the negative battery cable
  • 11. Fire it up and enjoy your Ram’s new horns!

Dodge Ram Intakes

Now, that was a quick overview. But remember: CAI kits are designed just for your truck. All bolts and brackets go right into existing threads and mounts already on your rig. So nothing gets rerouted, cut, drilled or welded. Even better, depending on your year and model Ram, most of the top brands’ systems are emissions legal.

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