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How To Install a Cold Air Intake on a Mustang

Installing Mustang Intakes
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Thanks to the number of ponies on the road today, and the number of pony enthusiasts willing to whip ‘em, Mustang cold air intake installation is the easiest way to get maximum bang-for-your buck performance. As the most sought-after of Mustang accessories, the aftermarket is stuffed to the saddlebags with high-performance Ford Mustang cold air intake kits.

Because of a heavily-competitive air intake industry, we face the inevitable question of which is the best cold air intake system. As long as you stick to the top brands, you’re going to get a high-quality, well-designed Mustang intake. Here are a few top brands:

Helpful Tips

A cold air intake installation goes a lot smoother with an extra set of hands around. So, enlist the help of a friend with a promise to visit the local saloon when the work’s done. If anything, you’ve got someone around to wrangle beverages, lasso up some tacos, and rustle up that box wrench you keep leaving over on the other fender well.

Choose Your Cold Air Intake

K&N Cold Air Intake:

• Pioneered the performance intake industry

• Winner of numerous awards for designing the best air filters for cars

• Proven and trusted name brand

Spectre Cold Air Intake

• Designed with top performance in mind

• Polished intake tube looks wild under the hood

Volant Cold Air Intake

• High-velocity Air Box breathes in heaps of performance-enhancing air

• Includes Volant PowerCore 100,000 mile air filter

Installation Steps

The choice is yours. And, if you stick with the quality brands, you can be assured of a straightforward installation. It varies a little by brand, and though you should ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR SPECIFIC MANUFACTURER INSTRUCTIONS, most follow a similar procedure:

  • 1. Disconnect the negative battery cable
  • 2. Remove hoses and the mass air sensor from factory air intake
  • 3. Remove the factory air box assembly
  • 4. Install various mounting brackets for the new intake
  • 5. Install the new cold air intake tube, connector and heat shield
  • 6. Reinstall breather hoses and mass air sensor
  • 7. Install new air filter
  • 8. Reconnect the negative battery cable
  • 9. Fire it up and let that pony breathe!

And Also…

Remember, these kits are designed just for your Mustang. All bolts and brackets go right into existing threads and mounts already on your car. Nothing needs to be rerouted, cut, drilled or welded. Even better, most of the top brands’ systems are emissions legal depending on your year and model Mustang, of course.

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