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K&N 69 Series Typhoon Intakes Review Video

Product Highlights

  • Amp-up your sport sedan with ~ 15 extra horsepower
  • K&N Typhoon Air Intake System are crafted to fit your exact year, make and model
  • Available in three styles, depending on your vehicle:
    • Short Ram: shortest possible intake tube to force large amounts of air into your engine
    • Cold Air Intake: longer intake tube going through your wheel well for the coldest air possible
    • Complete Cold Air Intake: two intake tubes that can be arranged as a Short Ram or Cold Air Intake – offering you maximum versatility
  • Includes a K&N Xtream Airflow cotton-gauze, reusable air filter and comes equipped with quality steel brackets, reinforced silicone hoses, aluminum air sensor adaptors, stainless hose clamps and more
  • Choose from a powder-coat Red, Blue, or Silver, or pure Polished finish
  • You’ll be hitting the road with your newly gained horsepower after 90 minutes or less of installation

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