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Oiled Filters vs. Dry Filters: What's Better for a Cold Air Intake?

Oiled vs. Dry Filters
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If you’ve been trying to figure out whether a dry filter or oiled filter is better for a cold air intake, you’ve probably come across a thousand different opinions. Some people worry that oiled filters can get oil on the sensor behind the filter, and yet others feel that oiled filters are the best way to increase your vehicle’s power and performance. So, how do you know which reviews to believe? We have all the facts to put some of these rumors to rest and to help you decide whether an oiled filter or a dry intake filter is better for your particular vehicle.

K&N FIPK Air Intake

K&N FIPK Air Intake

The Benefits of an Oiled Filter

In some cases, oil from an oiled filter might make its way into your air intake if it is severely over-oiled. However, when you choose high-quality oiled filters, like the K&N Cold Air Intake Replacement Air Filters, and follow the directions accordingly, you will get the results you want without risking harm to your intake or engine. It’s recommended that you clean your K&N filters with the K&N filter cleaner, let dry and then re-oil the way it is explained in the included instructions. That way, you don’t risk over-oiling your filter. On the other hand, if you think oiling your filter may be too much of a hassle, a dry filter may be the best way to go.

aFe Cold Air Intakes

aFe Cold Air Intakes

Using a Dry Filter vs. an Oiled Filter

When comparing oiled filters vs. dry filters, you should also keep in mind your particular air intake. If you have the K&N Cold Air Intake, you may want to stick with the K&N cold air intake replacement air filters. These oiled filters are guaranteed to restore your system to its former glory. But, if you have an a AEM cold air intake, you may opt for the AEM replacement air intake filters. Conversely, if you have an Injen cold air intake, you’d probably be interested in the Injen Replacement Air Intake Filters.

Whenever you’re looking for the best performance upgrades, be sure to check out the customer reviews on our website. From cold air intake reviews to throttle body spacer reviews, we have all the information you need to help you make an informed buying decision. Find out if people recommend the Spectre Cold Air Intake over the aFe Cold Air Intake. Or, find out what kind of results you can expect when you install the Banks Ram-Air Intake on your Ford Mustang.

Product Comparison
K&N FIPK Air Intake (Fuel Injection Performance Kit)
K&N 63 Series AirCharger High-Flow Intake Kit
aFe Cold Air Intakes
Product Name
Sale Price
Customer Rating (3K+) (1K+) (763)
Ease of Installation
Filter TypeOiledOiledOil-Free
MaterialCrosslink NylonCrosslink NylonCrosslink Nylon
StyleShort Ram IntakeShort Ram IntakeCold Air Intake
Short Ram Intake
Warranty10-year/100,000-mile warranty10-year/100,000-mile warrantyLifetime Warranty

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