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4 Road Trip Accessories Every Touring Band Needs

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Your band is legendary. You were born for the stage. And since a life spent wondering is a life half-lived, you hit the road. You can always get another day job, but the call to rock is a rarity bestowed only on the anointed few. From cities like Memphis and San Antonio to venues like L.A.'s Troubadour and Seattle's Showbox, you haul your gear, logging the miles as you wait for that big break to finally come. So in the immortal words of John Candy: "Think big, be big, my friend." Turn up in style at your next gig with four essential accessories no band should be without.

Whether you're rolling in a sick tour bus or a rusty minivan, the miles are a lot more manageable with headrest monitors and DVD players. Today's headrest monitors feature 9" LCD screens that offer a bright, bold picture with a wide range of input options, allowing you to view your set from the previous night or unwind by plugging in a portable video game. Many systems feature monitors that work independently of one another with built-in DVD players, allowing you to catch up on the latest Weeds or Lost DVDs. The wiring is stowed behind the headrest post, eliminating the hassle of cords snaking through the vehicle or the continuous replacement of costly batteries.

Whether you're reviewing a previous performance or tweaking new material, take your entire set list on the road with an iPod car adapter. It plugs directly into your car stereo through a simulated cassette that attaches to your iPod through a thin cable or via a small FM radio transmitter that broadcasts the signal from your iPod straight into your car's antenna. When music is your life, don't settle for a second-rate lo-fi iPod FM transmitter. Interference from other electrical signals will create distortion, making your music sound flat and layered with static. Dude, that's so not pro. For the best possible playback: pick up a digital iPod car adaptor, delivering each note in deluxe, CD-quality sound.

OK, you've got the interior covered, so all you have to worry about now is hauling the gear. With a trailer hitch, you can haul just about anything. They're manufactured for a variety of classes, ranging from simple replacement hitches to heavy-duty gooseneck hitches that can tow up to 30,000 lbs. And since the weight of that gear adds up pretty quick, you might consider hitch locks. Locking hitch pins and trailer hitch locks not only stop crooks from nabbing your gear, they also provide safety on the road by preventing runaway trailers.

The road can get messy. And when you throw in a mixture of fast food and beer, it gets messy quick. Protect the inside of your ride from damage with a series of interior upgrades including cargo organizers, floor mats and seat covers. Keeping all your gear stowed properly is the first step in avoiding catastrophes when the guy behind the wheel takes a sharp corner. But sometimes the messes are unavoidable. With seat covers and floor mats, you won't get hosed. Seat covers are custom-tailored to your specific make, model and year and crafted from a variety of heavy-duty materials for lasting durability and comfort. The precision, computer-cut patterns go on and off in seconds, with no tools required, and are a snap to clean at the local laundry mat. With the seats protected, turn your attention to the floor. Floor mats are engineered for the harsh elements, including rain, snow and mud, and provide complete protection from the resulting damage caused by spills and other liquids that get tracked in. Some even feature tall outer ridges for added protection in containing the runnier messes.

Just because you're on the road doesn't mean you have to live without the comforts of home. A trailer hitch, hitch locks or an iPod car adapter gets you there in safety and style.

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