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Bike Racks Make Your Summertime Adventures Possible

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With summer in full swing and the open road calling your name, it’s time to pack up your gear and hit the trails. But whether you’re cruising solo or braving the wild with the family in tow, you’re going to need more than just a truck bed or cargo compartment in your SUV to get your gear safely and comfortably from Point A to Point B. And while you’d rather have the kids tied to the roof and your bike in the back seat, that’s usually not an option (unless you live in Arkansas).

Those of us in the other 49 states have found bike racks to be an irreplaceable component when traveling to and from. Overall, bike racks are pretty universal, but they also include a couple unique features to suit your needs as well as the design of your vehicle.

The two most common bike racks are bike roof racks and hitch bike racks. The difference between the two is substantial, depending on the design of your vehicle and how many bikes you plan on hauling.

A bike roof rack is great for those with smaller vehicles. It stores your bikes up top and out of the way, allowing you to safely and easily transport bikes and a wide range of other recreational gear, like surfboards, to and from your destination. In doing so, a bike roof rack leaves room in the cab for passengers, overnight gear or anything else you may need to haul within arm’s reach…like road beers (again, only in Arkansas). Roof racks have only one downside: they require you to reach above the vehicle when stowing or retrieving your gear, making them less than ideal for those with back troubles or difficulty reach high spaces.

If you drive an SUV or other large vehicle, hitch bike racks may be better suited to your vehicle’s design. They store your bikes at the rear of the vehicle, attaching to the trailer mount. The one downside to this model is that they can block access to the trunk or rear of the vehicle while also making your gear more susceptible to damage and theft.

A bicycle rack is typically forged from steel tubing and capable of holding up to 300 lbs of evenly distributed weight. Tailored to your vehicle’s specific make, model and year, bike racks provide a custom fit and will usually work with just about any cargo carrier system, enabling you to transform the space on your roof into a second trunk. Roof racks, like the Prius bike rack and similar models, are finished in a tough black-powder coating that resists corrosion and comes complete with all the necessary hardware for a quick and easy installation that simply snaps into place. In fact, you can get a Ford Focus bike rack or a Toyota Sequoia hitch bike rack, or any other model, and install with basic tools in less than an hour.

Roof bike racks from are tailored to your unique make, model and year, whether it's Chevy Accessories or Honda Accessories, this ensures both safety and reliability when transporting bikes, boards or a cargo carrier full of gear out on the open road.

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