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Car Accessories for Beach Bums

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From Jack Johnson to Jimmy Buffett, beach bums on both coasts are famous for the time spent lounging on beaches from San Diego to Key Largo. If that's you, there are a number of car accessories than can maximize your time on the sand while protecting the finish and interior of your vehicle on those trips to and from. Here are some of the easiest and most affordable upgrades when you're parked by the sand.

Sand gets in the darnedest places—ladies know it, and cars know it, too. When sand makes its way into the interior of your vehicle, you either have to break out the vacuum or live with the gritty stuff stuck in the cracks of your interior for months. But, with a set of auto floor mats and auto seat covers, cleaning up after a day at the beach is as easy as carefully yanking your mats and covers out and shaking them off.

Auto floor mats block mud, sand and various other road grits from ruining your floorboards. They're available in wide variety of styles, including all-weather, carpeted, rubber and even your favorite logo designs. Constructed of high-quality thermo-plastic and other durable materials, a performance-grade floor mat is computer-designed to your specific make, model and year to provide maximum coverage without covering up your floor controls. Similarly, a cargo liner protects the area in back from the same resale-sabotaging dangers. Many are molded with smart grooves and tall side walls that trap mud, moisture and leaky groceries to keep stain-causing messes safely away from your flooring and help protect against wear and tear from shifting cargo.

The other big saver when it comes to your interior is a solid set of auto seat covers. Auto seat covers are precision-cut for a custom fit and go on and off in seconds, without requiring a single tool. They're constructed of heavy-duty materials for long-lasting durability and comfort, are available for all seats and rows in your vehicle, and add a nice finishing touch to your interior. You can even get neoprene seat covers that match your wetsuit! To further protect your interior from fading, windshield sun shades can quickly be thrown into the window to keep the sun out and your interior cool.

Before you can ride the barrel and get pitted, you have to get your board to the water. That's where surfboard racks come in. Instead of forcing you to balance your boards between the seats or leave them dangling precariously out the window, premium surfboard racks let you haul your board up top (and even bring along a board for your buddy). Similar to a bike rack, some surfboard racks even feature keyed locks for serious security. The ratcheting mechanism tightens up on your board for a firm grip, holding it secure with a rubber-coated stainless steel cable strap. Many even mount to most factory and aftermarket crossbars.

A trashed interior is a bummer, dude. But with car accessories like surfboard racks and windshield sun shades, you can minimize hassle and maximize your time on the sand while protecting the finish and interior of your vehicle.

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