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Car Accessories Built for UV Protection

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The same UV rays that provide you with that "healthy-looking" tan are doing anything but invigorating your vehicle's finish (truth be told…they may not even be all that good for you). And, if you live in a warmer climate where the UV index is consistently higher, damage occurs even faster. You wouldn't hit the beach or the trails without a thick layer of 50-SPF sunblock. So, don't compromise your resale value by letting the sun destroy the exterior and interior of your vehicle. Consider the following preventative measures.

Car Covers & Motorcycle Covers

A car cover or motorcycle cover is one of the simplest ways to protect your finish from fading. The durable material found in a heavy-duty car cover prevents toxic goo like bird droppings, pitch and acid rain from reaching your finish. More importantly, it blocks the harsh rays of the sun that oxidize your paint job and leave it looking dull and worn. Unlike a sunburn that heals in time, when your paint oxidizes, the damage is permanent. Make sure you select a car cover or motorcycle cover that is custom-tailored to your vehicle to provide the longest-lasting wear and highest level of protection.

Car Covers to Protect From The Sun

Dash Covers

Other than your exterior, your dashboard is the second most exposed part of your vehicle, amplified by the giant magnifying glass you've got up front (otherwise known as a windshield). Dash covers protect the appearance of your dashboard and prevent fading, cracks and blistering. Plus, dash covers provide a high-quality look through precision patterns and come in a wide selection of styles and colors to match any interior.

Dashboard Covers to Protect From The Sun

Seat Covers

Next on the list is your seat upholstery. Even when the weather isn't warm, a sunny day can bleach and erode your seat covers, eventually causing them to fray, crack and look different from seat to seat. But, with custom seat covers, like sheepskin seat covers, leather seat covers and camo seat covers, you maintain the chic look of your interior while protecting your upholstery and resale or trade-in value. They pull on and off in seconds with no tools required and most go through the washing machine as easily as your favorite pair of jeans. Off-road vehicles are no exception (and often need more protection than anything else), which is why custom seat covers, like truck seat covers or Jeep seat covers, are available for all seats and rows in your vehicle and crafted from heavy-duty materials for durability and comfort. Many even come pre-treated with stain and liquid repellents for complete protection.

Seat Covers to Protect From The Sun

Truck Bed Covers

If you do drive a truck, you have one disadvantage over those in a car: a large exposed bed. Tonneau covers, or truck bed covers are the answer. They protect your cargo by blocking harmful UV rays while keeping your gear locked up tight, ensuring it will still be there when you get back no matter how long you're gone. They also provide the added benefit of shielding your cargo from other climatic elements like rain, wind, snow and ice, making them a smart all-weather addition to your vehicle.

Tonneau Covers to Protect From The Sun

Don't let yourself get scorched. With simple accessories like a car cover, motorcycle cover or dash cover, you protect the exterior and interior of your vehicle and, more importantly, your resale or trade-in value.

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