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Protection from Bugs, Rain and Stale Air with Deflectors

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Few things ruin your trip faster than having to sit in a stuffy cockpit for hours on end due to excessive wind noise or a little rain. Cap it off by arriving at your destination to find your windshield caked with the splattered remains of every bug between here and the state line. The good news is: both of these driving-downers are completely avoidable with the simple addition of rain guards and a bug deflector.

Whether you’re cruising down a deserted back road or sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic, fresh air is a must, especially when condensation begins to fog up your windows during wet weather. With a set of rain guards, you can leave your windows open a crack without having to worry about the wet stuff pouring in and soaking you and your easily-damaged interior.

A rain guard, also known as a vent visor or wind deflector, adds an aerodynamic element that channels the airflow away from your vehicle, reducing wind noise and providing a quieter, more peaceful drive. A vent visor is designed to match any existing bodyline, adding a sleek, efficient appearance to your exterior. Plus, they’re computer-designed for a custom fit that looks factory-installed, similar to the upgrades found in a dealer’s sport package. Most kits feature a simple no-drill installation and secure onto your window channel or along the rubber seal with pre-applied automotive tape. If the idea of using adhesives sends a chill up your spine, don’t worry—the tape won’t come near your finish.

The other threat to an enjoyable drive is the lunch-losing task of cleaning the bug guts off your windshield. But, with a bug deflector, you add a shield of protection by creating a streamlined jet of air that sails over your vehicle, carrying the bulk of the winged windshield carnage with it. A bug deflector is available in a couple different varieties, including both compact and higher-rising versions, to suit your desired level of protection in relation to appearance. Both feature a seamless fit and mount with no drilling required, attaching to your vehicle with sturdy clips and push-rivets for an off-the-hood installation that makes cleaning them a breeze. Plus, you can add a moon roof deflector to cut down on wind noise and keep bugs from jumping into the gaping hole right above your head. A quality bug deflector or moon roof deflector is built from impact-resistant acrylic, which never rusts, corrodes or oxidizes. They also resist flying rocks and road debris, providing years of reliable protection.

Driving should be enjoyable, regardless of the conditions. Rain guards, a bug deflector and a moon roof deflector streamline your vehicle, protecting both your interior and exterior from the forces than can ruin your upholstery and finish while providing comfort and affordable functionality.

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