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Selecting The Right Bike Rack For Your Vehicle

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Keeping fit is important. Unfortunately, many people get most of their cardio just fighting with their gear as they attempt to haul it to and from the trail. And if the colorful language is any indicator, their leisure time is anything but leisurely. A bike rack is the solution. However, depending on how many bikes you intend to haul and how much supplementary gear you intend to take along as well, there are a few basic features to consider when buying a bike rack. Here’s a quick rundown on the major points to consider.

Car bike racks are designed to fit any car or truck and install with basic tools in less than an hour. They’re specially designed to save you from having to remove the chain and one or both of your bike wheels. Most modern bike racks snap securely into place and quickly prevent your gear from banging around in the back of your vehicle.

Forged from steel tubing, most bike racks are capable of holding up to 300 lbs of evenly distributed weight, and usually work with just about any cargo carrier system. They’re also personally-tailored to your specific make, model and year and finished in a tough black-powder coating that resists corrosion. In addition, they come complete with all the necessary hardware for a quick, no-fuss installation.

On the whole, a bike carrier is pretty universal. However, they do come in two main types: roof rack and hitch bike rack. Depending on the height and design of your vehicle, this is an important feature to consider. Roof racks store your bikes out of the way but make the bikes somewhat harder to stow and retrieve, forcing you to reach above your vehicle or climb on top to secure the bikes. A hitch bike rack requires a trailer hitch for mounting and provides easy access to your gear by storing it securely and conveniently at chest level. With durable metal construction, a trailer hitch bike rack typically holds up to four bicycles but, again depending on your vehicle, could potentially block your rear view.

For those looking for clear vision out the back, a roof bike rack is best. Plus, they feature the added benefit of allowing the addition of a rooftop cargo carrier, expanding your storage capacity by turning your roof into extra trunk-space.

If you’re lucky enough to have a truck to bomb around in, a truck bed bike rack is far superior to both the roof-mounted bike rack and the hitch bike rack. A truck bed bike rack mounts securely to your pickup with bumper-cushioned screws, locking in place with no drilling required. All you have to do then is just slide the wheel of your bike into one of the open slots and you’re on your way.

A bike rack, like a Toyota Prius bike rack and a Ford Focus hitch bike rack, enable the quick and easy transportation of your gear to and from the trails. Keeping everything safe and secure, they’re a heck of a lot better than having to cram your $2,000 mountain bike into the back of your vehicle.

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