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Yamaha Motorcycle Covers Keep Your Ride Shining

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The good people at Yamaha wear many hats. Along with being known as the world's biggest piano maker, the broad-reaching company expanded in 1955 to include motorized vehicles…fast motorized vehicles. The intensive research Yamaha put into the metal alloys used in their acoustic pianos gave them cutting-edge insight into how to create lightweight yet sturdy and reliable metal constructions. This knowledge easily transitioned to the crafting of metal frames and parts for motorcycles, making Yamaha the world's second largest producer of motorcycles after Honda.

Akin to the age-old struggle between the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote, the Yamaha is practically unbeatable when performing at its peak. And, part of maintaining optimal performance is protecting it when not in use. At times like these, take cover with a Yamaha motorcycle cover.

Plastic tarps have many valuable uses, but acting as a motorcycle cover is not one of them. Plastic traps moisture, allowing mold and other corrosives to take hold, ruining not only the finish but softer components like leather seats and rubber handlebars.

Yamaha covers come in a full range of ultra-durable fabrics and colors. Constructed of urethane-coated polyester, they’re as lightweight and durable as the bike itself. This fabric provides a tough layer of protection against everything from dust and rain to condensation and other threats that can easily break down your finish. In addition, the built-in screened air vents let moisture evaporate, preventing the formation of mildew and rust while allowing Yamaha motorcycle covers to dry quickly. Plus, motorcycle covers, like the Yamaha R6 motorcycle cover, also come in varying thicknesses, depending on where you plan on storing your bike.

Whether you leave your bike for short periods or months at a time, climatic elements like rain, dust and wind can quickly ruin the components and the paint job. With a Yamaha bike cover, you’re protected against UV rays and most other environmental pollutants. They reflect heat that would otherwise scorch your seats and oxidize your paint.

Yamaha covers are guaranteed to provide the perfect fit. Each is custom-tailored to your unique make, model and year and many also include a reinforced elastic lining, providing a clean look that won’t bunch up or blow off in the wind. Plus, official Yamaha covers are also available with an added level of protection, incorporating the use of steel cable reinforced grommets that deter thieves from taking off with your bike.

A Yamaha cover, including the Yamaha R1 cover and Yamaha R6 cover, includes an aluminized inner-liner that acts as a heat-shield to prevent the cover from melting or scorching when it comes into contact with the engine or hot pipes after extended use.

A motorcycle cover, like the official Yamaha motorcycle cover, meets and beats all expectations. Unlike generic covers, the Yamaha cover is custom-designed to each make, model and year, ensuring the perfect fit and long-lasting performance.

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