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The GMC of Suburbia: Accessories for the Suburban

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The Chevrolet Suburban is the longest-living continuous automobile nameplate still in production, outlasting numerous competitive vehicles. Dating all the way back to 1935, the Suburban has faithfully met the demands of everything from the daily commute to the kid’s carpool for its reputation as a station wagon-bodied version of the Chevrolet pickup truck. One of GM’s most profitable vehicles, the Suburban is popular for its relatively high resale value and continues to be widely used as a police car, fire chief's vehicle, and has even been modified into a fully-armored version for the President of the United States.

Throughout the course of its production history, the Suburban has seen numerous makeovers to upgrade both the exterior and interior of the vehicle. Unfortunately, some of the best upgrades are reserved for sports or extended packages. As a result, the aftermarket business for Suburban accessories has flourished in recent years to serve those looking for the same components without needing a budget backed by the US government just to afford them. Here are some of the most popular add-ons:


Adding up to 3 inches of extra height to your rig, a Suburban lift kit allows for more ground clearance when you upgrade to specialty tires. Suburban lift kits are engineered to bolt directly onto your stock suspension without any welding, chopping or fabricating required and are custom-configured to each make, model and year.


One of the most popular Suburban towing accessories is the addition of a tow hitch. A Suburban tow hitch is a device that attaches to the chassis of your Suburban and allows the towing of campers, boats and a wide range of other recreational equipment. They’re available in two main configurations: the receiver type that mounts to the frame of a vehicle and accepts removable ball mounts, and the fixed-drawbar type that features one-piece construction and a built-in hole for the trailer ball. Plus, those who tow serious gear have found the addition of a Suburban towing mirror to be a big plus. A Suburban mirror extends your field of vision when towing, enabling you to steer clear of anything that could damage your bodyline.


Like any good rapper will tell you: it’s all about the grille. Providing the “hard-working,” big truck appearance, a Suburban billet grille is constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel and features a long-lasting, mirror-like polished shine for that deluxe package style. Best of all, installation is a snap—literally. A Suburban grill, fits over your factory front without having to remove any of the original hardware and mounts to your existing holes with no drilling required.


Suburban shocks absorb the dips and cracks encountered on the average roadway, providing the most comfortable ride possible. Suburban shocks are robotically-welded for accuracy and quality construction. Each set is specially engineered to your unique make, model and year and instantly renews your vehicle to its fresh-off-the-line performance. Suburban shocks are available as custom-fit, universal performance, OEM-style or direct factory replacements.


Known by a number of names, including nerf bars, step bars and side steps, Suburban running boards are forged from durable aluminum or stainless steel and feature treaded pads to provide a non-slip surface for stepping in and out of your cab by channeling water away from the stepping area. They’re constructed from bent metal tubes that are sealed against the elements in chrome, polished stainless steel or black powder coating. In addition, they’re highly durable—Suburban running boards capable of supporting up to 500 lbs of even-distributed weight.

A GMC Suburban lift kit, Suburban towing gear or Suburban grill are three accessories that help fine-tune a stock model. Whether you’re upgrading one component at a time or doing everything all at once, doing it yourself makes the process simple and affordable.

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