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The Silverado vs. the Ram: Who Takes the Crown?

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Whether you’re in the trades or just a weekend warrior, there are few things a guy relies on more than his pickup. But when it comes to trucks, all things are definitely not equal. A side-by-side comparison of the latest Silverado and Ram reveals there are a number of subtle differences. So, the question remains: which truck is better? Decide for yourself after considering the following.

The Chevy Silverado features a solid structure, strong acceleration and smooth on-road ride quality. In fact, it’s been known for these three basic traits throughout its production history. Recent models have incorporated hydroformed frame rails to provide an additional edge in pavement handling. Plus, the Silverado is 300 pounds lighter than the Ram. This provides another huge benefit in regard to stability control but can easily be compensated for with Dodge Ram leveling kits. Despite its nimble weight, the Silverado also boasts a higher towing capacity while providing the best fuel economy—an average of 18 mpg.

In terms of comfort and convenience, Silverado gauges and interior and amenities leave a little to be desired. But other than that, the Silverado’s drawbacks are few. However, one of the most noticeable is also one of the biggest: limited rear-seat space and storage. Far more confined than the Ram, the Silverado also has a shortage on rear cabin storage with no door pockets or under-floor bins and front door pockets that are smaller than those found in the Ram. This shortcoming makes the Silverado somewhat limited for guys who haul around tools or other equipment and like to stash things in the cab. One solution is the addition of a Silverado tonneau cover, protecting gear from theft and the elements by turning the bed of your truck into a weather-proof safe.

Unlike all the brightly-colored, environmentally-friendly vehicles on the road, the Dodge Ram made a choice to incorporate a chrome appearance. Though manufactured of ABS plastic, the chrome appearance is sure to appeal to pickup buyers looking for the tough appearance of older models while still enjoying the current design that includes a smoother bodyline and flashy upgrades, like a Dodge Ram tail light. Chevy Silverado chrome accessories pales in comparison.

Dodge has also incorporated a few other design conveniences, adding a leather-lined interior with ample storage, a double-decker glove box and two storage bins under the seat. Plus, nearly every storage nook in the cab features a rubber liner to minimize unwanted noise. And, for those who take electronic gadgets, like a Dodge Ram radar detector on the road with them, the Ram keeps them up and running with a 115-volt outlet installed in the dashboard.

Depending on your intended usage, the Ram has one drawback: significantly less towing capacity. The Ram tops out at a max of 8,700 lbs while the Silverado is good up to 9,500 lbs, as seen in the 1500 Silverado towing capacity. But of the two, the Dodge is faster. It features a 390-hp HEMI under the hood, making it quicker off the line but also drawing the worst fuel economy—only 14 mpg.

A Dodge Ram tail light, Dodge Ram leveling kits or Silverado lift kits are some of the special Dodge Accessories or Chevy Accessories that are readily available as aftermarket parts. Whether you have a new pickup or something a little more vintage, each can quickly revitalize both the appearance and performance of your rig.