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Hi, I’m A Corolla, Nice To Meet You

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Numbers don’t lie. The Toyota Corolla is the best-selling nameplate in automotive history. Now in its tenth generation, it has quickly become the standard when it comes to economy automobiles. The Toyota Corolla is small, inexpensive, fuel-efficient and reliable, often passing the 100,000-mile mark with ease. That’s probably why more than 200,000 Americans invest in a Corolla each year. And if you don’t know why, it’s time you met the Toyota Corolla.

First introduced to the U.S. in 1968, the Toyota Corolla has been available in a variety of body styles throughout its production history, including sedan, coupe, hatchback and wagon versions. Currently available only as a sedan, the latest Toyota Corolla is heavier and more expensive than some of its early models but still provides the popular benefits that have made it the staple of the auto industry.

Chief among these benefits is a highly-streamlined fuel economy. Renowned for its efficiency, the Corolla’s engine is a 1.8-liter four-cylinder which is also available as a 158-hp, 2.4-liter inline-4 in the XRS. Though slightly less efficient when compared to the standard engine, both engines offer a high level of fuel efficiency and performance in conjunction with the Toyota Corolla exhaust system, Corolla air filter and performance-grade Corolla brakes, creating economical efficiency without sacrificing performance. In fact, the concept of ‘fuel efficiency’ has become a hallmark trait of the Toyota Corolla, making it ideal for anyone from commuters and students to retirees.

Economy can often equate to a boxy, uninspired appearance. The Toyota Corolla proves there’s an exception to every rule. In fact, the new 2010 model features a redesigned front bumper, grille and lower grille. Adding a sleek, race-quality appearance, this redesign emphasizes the car’s low center of gravity as well as its driving stability. In addition, Toyota incorporated new Corolla headlights to create a bold, demanding aspect while also making huge changes to the lining of the license plate by adding a combination lamp as well as redesigning the bumper to make it reflective. These notable enhancements have updated the economy legend, giving it the appearance of greater width, sleeker design and an edgier attitude.

Providing the perfect combination of performance and appearance, it’s no surprise that a wide range of Corolla accessories are available, protecting both the exterior and interior while preserving resale or trade-in value. Among the most popular Corolla accessories are Corolla bike racks, Corolla floor mats, Corolla car covers and a Corolla car bra. Providing convenience and a high level of protection, each is constructed of durable materials and manufactured specific to your specific make, model and year. This ensures both lasting durability and a quality, tailored fit for your Corolla.

Toyota accessories, like air intakes, Toyota Corolla trailer hitches and a Corolla muffler, are just a few of the many aftermarket upgrades that can be added to the most popular car in history. Most are simple to install and highly affordable when compared to the same components purchased through a dealer.

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