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A Kawasaki Motorcycle Cover Saves Your Ride

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Kawasaki emerged from World War II to become a major player in the production of motorcycles, earning a reputation less than three short decades later for crafting some of the most powerful engines on two wheels. The brand spawned legendary sport bikes, like the appropriately-titled Ninja series, as well as a line of championship-winning off-road bikes.

The Ninja has undergone few changes in the last quarter-century of its production, receiving only two substantial redesigns and lending credence to the popular saying: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Overall, the bike boasts good performance within its engine class, capable of running the quarter mile in 15.58 seconds at a commanding 81.98 mph—not bad for a machine named after a dude in pajamas. Protect yours by tucking it in at night with a Kawasaki cover.

Custom-tailored to your unique make, model and year, Kawasaki motorcycle covers are guaranteed to provide the perfect fit. Constructed of urethane-coated polyester, Kawasaki covers are lightweight, resilient and come in a wide range of ultra-durable fabrics and colors. Many even include a reinforced elastic lining for a custom-tailored look that won’t blow off in the wind. This high-grade fabric provides a tough layer of protection against everything from dust and water to other threats that can scratch and ruin your finish with just the slightest bit of contact. In addition, motorcycle covers are available in varying thicknesses, making them suited for both indoor and outdoor use.

Whether you’re tearing up the back roads each day or let your bike sit for months at a time, rain, dust, pollen, wind and other environmental elements can quickly ruin the components and paint job. But, with a motorcycle cover, you’re protected against UV rays and almost all other pollutants by reflecting heat and harmful liquids that can scorch your seats and oxidize your paint.

Kawasaki bike covers, like the Kawasaki Vulcan cover, feature built-in screened air vents that promote the evaporation of moisture. Not to be confused with an ordinary plastic tarp, the breathability achieved through a high-quality, waterproof Kawasaki cover prevents the formation of mildew and rust, allowing Kawasaki motorcycle covers to dry quickly. Using a sheet of plastic as a motorcycle cover is a recipe for disaster. Plastic traps moisture underneath, cultivating mold and allowing corrosion to take hold. This can ruin your finish as well as your Kawasaki’s leather seat, handlebars and other soft components.

A Kawasaki cover comes with optional features that further reflect its custom design. These include an aluminized inner-liner that acts as a heat-shield, preventing the cover from melting or scorching when it comes into contact with the engine or hot pipes, as well as steel cable-reinforced grommets that deter theft.

A Kawasaki motorcycle cover is one of the best investments you can make when it comes to custom bike accessories. Motorcycle covers keep the harmful elements out, preserving both your finish and resale value.

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