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EBC Brakes vs Brembo Brakes vs Hawk Brakes, Which Performs the Best?

How do you know it’s time for new brakes? If you hear squealing or grinding every time you come to a stop or find yourself having to press extra hard to get a response, it’s time…past time actually. The squealing usually indicates that you’ve eaten through those flimsy stock pads and are working on your stock rotors (which aren’t much more durable than the pads).

When it’s brake time, why not upgrade with Hawk Brakes, EBC brake components or similar models that will not only outperform stock parts but outlast them as well?

Brembo performance brakes, Civic EBC brakes and the Hawk brake for the Honda Accord are just a few of the aftermarket brake kits available that have been proven to run 50 to 200 degrees cooler than stock brakes. This cooler operating temperature delivers added bite while the durable materials prolong the life of each component, reducing the frequency with which they’ll need to be replaced.

EBC, Brembo and Hawk have been crafting trusted brake components for decades. So which one delivers the best product? Ultimately, the answer is up to you. That’s because each manufacturer incorporates unique features into their products, gearing them toward certain uses.

Here are a few of the most popular upgrades.


Hawk HPS brake pads beat other pads in power and performance by 20-40 percent. They employ a unique ferro-carbon composite pad material that offers a higher coefficient of friction, fighting brake fade while performing easier on your rotors. Plus, they cool faster, last longer and are virtually silent, generating sound outside the range of human hearing. They’re also popular for the light dust they produce, keeping your wheels free of the black, chalky discoloration often produced by lower-end brake pads.


Aftermarket rotors are what really separates the men from the boys. When brakes overheat, they underperform…often considerably and dangerously. But with a Brembo slotted brake kit, EBC Sports rotors or brakes that feature EBC slotted rotors, brake fade (a.k.a – overheating) is a thing of the past. Similar to the rotors you’ll find on any of the pro racecars currently tearing up the track, slotted rotors are just that: slotted and cross drilled. Providing a tough-looking appearance, they keep your brakes cool, allowing heated gases to escape and promoting cooler, more responsive brakes. Plus, this design also prevents your brake system from becoming waterlogged during wet weather driving by allowing water to move more freely through the cross-drilled holes. These two performance-grade features deliver increased performance, added bite and a more powerful braking response than you’ll ever find in stock components.

Plus, Brembo components are crafted lightweight for true racing use and even allow you to choose from four caliper colors to create a distinct appearance for your exterior.

Stop brake fade before it starts with performance-grade brakes and similar Honda modifications. Each set is crafted for your unique make, model and year to ensure a straightforward installation and exact fit. And even if you buy the parts separately and have them installed, you’ll still save a ton on the dealer markup!

Please feel free to call toll-free 800.874.8888 or e-mail with any questions. We are delighted to be of assistance in finding the right auto parts for you, be they car parts, truck parts or SUV parts.

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