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When Andy Freeman stopped by the AutoAnything booth during the 2011 SEMA Show, his infectious personality kept us all on our toes. His passion for the EBC brand shined throughout the entire interview, too, as Elly Brown asked him questions about the products, the history of EBC and their relationship with AutoAnything.

Elly had her hands full when Andy asked her to hold the EBC brake rotor he brought to the booth. It was a cast iron rotor for a sport compact car. And, what made this new rotor special is the new GG15HC, which stands for high carbon, material. It’s an upgraded material with particles built-in for additional strength. It handles heat better, stops vibrations, works quieter and even grips better than normal rotors. These unique rotors are made in the UK, which Andy says EBC is very proud of. He also brought an EBC brake pad to complement the rotor. He informed us that EBC produces three different brake pads—red, green and yellow—for a totally customized braking experience. And, these remarkable products are the results of 30 years of hard work from EBC. The brand is proud to produce more than 6-million brake pads a year—the biggest range of any other manufacturer—and they are happy to have AutoAnything as an authorized dealer of their brakes.

EBC Sport Rotors

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