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When Do I Replace My Brakes?

Unlike some of the other components on your vehicle that can prohibit you from driving when they go out, brakes can operate well past the point of safety and performance. But how do you know when it’s time to replace them? From manufacturers to online brakes reviews, opinions vary.

Though brake components, like pads and rotors, usually come with something like a 10,000-mile warranty, they wear differently for each vehicle depending on how that car or truck is driven. For example, if you’re a stop-and-go driver that races up to each light, you’re going burn through brake components faster than someone who slows to a stop.

In general, there are a couple things to listen for. If you hear your brakes making a grinding noise, it may be time to have the brake pads inspected for wear, no matter how far into the warranty you happen to be. And, though some brakes are known for squealing, on the whole, squealing is usually an indicator that you’ve worn through your brake pads are working on your rotors, which is never good for safety…or your budget.

When the time comes to replace some or all of the parts found in your brake system, replace them with heavy-duty aftermarket Hawk brakes, Brembo brakes, EBC brakes or any of the similar models from aftermarket manufacturers that are proven to last longer and deliver a considerably higher degree of performance than stock brake components.

This enhanced performance is achieved in a couple of different ways. Brake rotors for the Dodge Ram and similar Dodge Charger brakes are slotted. Specially-designed for added bite, slotted rotors can also be cross-drilled, like those found on a racecar, allowing for a quicker cooling of the braking surface. Plus, in wet weather, slotted rotors channel water away from the braking surface by allowing it to pass more freely through the holes, adding significantly to overall performance by preventing waterlogged brakes and the resulting loss of braking power.

The other primary component that increases performance is aftermarket brake pads. Unlike stock brake pads, Posi quiet brakes, Dodge brake pads and other vehicle-specific models are ceramic. They’re made from copper and crafted using a positive molding process so they wear evenly and last longer than their steel counterparts, providing a more effective heat transfer. More importantly, performance brake pads cool faster, last longer and are virtually silent, generating a level of sound outside the range of human hearing. Plus, the dust created by ceramic brake pads is light in color, preserving the chrome finish on your wheels by eliminating the chalky black powder that usually accompanies stock pads.

When it comes to Dodge accessories, few aftermarket upgrades can beat performance brake pads and slotted rotors. Instantly reducing the operating temperature of your brakes, they deliver a noticeably higher level of performance while far outlasting their stock counterparts.

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