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Car Bras: Easy to Put On and Easy to Remove

For any guy who’s ever struggled with a clasp in the heat of the moment, you’ll be glad to know: car bras are designed to be user-friendly, enabling you to take them off (or put them back on) with one hand tied behind your back.

The simplicity of their use is a direct result of an exact fit. A custom bra – like the Colgan car bra or Covercraft bra – is designed and tailored to your specific make, model and year. Each is precisely trimmed and sewn to the shape of your vehicle, with each curve, line and contour taken into account. Most models also accommodate the various functions of your front end, like pop-up headlights, and allow for full hood access without having to be removed every time you want to check under the hood and top off the fluids. Many manufacturers even make a mirror bra, enabling you to completely secure all of the most at-risk components of your front end.

As a result of this high level of personalization, a vehicle-specific Camry car bra, Ford car bra or Toyota bra will never flap, bubble or bunch up, increasing the sleekness of your vehicle at any speed. Plus, car bras feature padded hooks that hold the bra tight without leaving an imprint on your paintjob.

Also known as a front end mask, this exacting fit may be the most important consideration when shopping for car bras. Constantly bombarded by rocks, bugs and other flying debris, the front end of your vehicle bears the brunt of nicks, scratches and dings that can leave pockmarks in your bodyline and take a serious toll on your resale value, not to mention opening the way for rust. When installed properly, a car bra’s quality protective outer layer, a thick vinyl material, ensures a precise fit, deflecting harmful material away from your front end to prevent damage and its resulting erosion. That’s why maximum protection is achieved when your vehicle and car bra fit together like hand and glove.

Because they're designed for such a tight fit, installing your car sports bra for the first time may take 20 minutes or more but it gets easier each time you take it off. In fact, once you get a feel for it, you may even be able to get is loose with your teeth – though that’s not recommended if the bra happens to be holding an oversize model, as the snap could result in eye injury upon release.

Finally, if you spend time in wet weather, don’t let that deter you from protecting your front end. Car bras can be used in wet weather and moist conditions. Many models come perforated to allow moisture to escape, essentially drying while you drive. And those that aren’t rated for all-weather can simply be removed and dried in between uses. Doing so will ensure a long life of reliable wear as well as durable protection for your front end.

Car bras have become one of the more popular Toyota accessories for the durability and convenience they provide. Saving you from a beat-up front end, they’re the simplest way to keep one of the most consistently-abused areas on your vehicle looking clean and pristine.

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