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Colgan vs. Coverking Car Bras: Which Brand Offers the Best Front End Protection?

Colgan vs. Coverking Car Bras
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Some people think that having a car bra is all about custom style. Don’t get me wrong—car bras give your ride a sporty look that sets it apart from every other car on the road. But, car bras are also about frontend protection. They’re designed to prevent rocks and road debris from marring, scratching or dinging your frontend.

Colgan Original Car Bra

Colgan Original Car Bra

Famous Car Bra Brands

In order to get the best frontend protection possible, you want to choose from top brands, like Colgan and Coverking. But, that’s when it gets tricky. When it comes to Colgan vs. Coverking, how do you know which brand offers the best front end protection?

Coverking and Colgan are both trusted names in the car bra market. So, whether you choose Coverking or Colgan, you can be sure you’re getting a high-quality bra that can stand the test of time. Plus, whether you’re looking for a Honda Accord bra or a Toyota Camry bra, you’ll find Colgan and Coverking car bras that are custom contoured for a perfect fit. You won’t pay a fortune, either. Colgan and Coverking design cheap car bras that are low in cost but high in quality.

Coverking Car Bras

Coverking Car Bras

The Benefits of Colgan & Coverking Bras

The Colgan bra is hand-tailored from the choicest vinyl and it features a super-soft flannel backing. It covers the edge of your hood down to the bottom of your bumper for the most complete frontend protection. And, it comes in either a classic black or a modern carbon fiber finish. For sportier-looking protection that doesn’t alter your ride’s appearance drastically, you can choose the Colgan Sports Bra. Or, for even more custom style and protection, set your ride up with matching Colgan mirror bras.

Coverking bras are crafted from high-quality, heavy-duty black vinyl. Most vehicles are compatible with the two-piece design that allows for easy hood access. Plus, the Coverking car bra works with pop-up headlights, fog lights and other factory-design features. It’s UV-resistant and treated to withstand extreme temperatures. Plus, it installs easily.

Deciding on the Right Car Bra to Protect Your Ride

Find out which car bra our consumers deem the best when you take a look at the car bra reviews on our website. We have Colgan bra reviews, Coverking bra reviews and vehicle-specific bra reviews as well, so you can find out which Honda Civic bra is the best fit for your vehicle.

Product Comparison
Colgan Original Car Bra
Coverking Car Bras
Colgan Sport Bras
Product Name
Sale Price
$74.95 each
Customer Rating (1K+) (81) (213)
Ease of Installation
Available Colors
Carbon FiberCarbon Fiber
MaterialFlannel-Backed VinylAll-Weather VinylFlannel-Backed Vinyl
Warranty3-year warranty90-day warranty3-year warranty

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