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Lamborghini Reventon Parts & Lamborghini Reventon Accessories

When you want to roll a Lamborghini Reventon into your garage, it helps to be a Saudi prince or a late night talk show host like Jay Leno. However, we have found another way to get a Lamborghini Reventon-win a lottery like Canadian Meng Faie Ng. So, you'll excuse us as we head out of here to buy some Power Ball tickets.

No, wait a second. Maybe we won't blow our money on a Lamborghini Reventon just yet. We heard that they raced a Panavia Tornado fighter jet against a Lamborghini Reventon and the jet managed to just nose out the car. How much do we need for a Panavia Tornado, and do they take regular or supreme? AutoAnything wants to know.

Lamborghini Reventon Parts

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