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4.50 star rating   Average Customer Rating for Molded Dash Kits: 4.50 out of 5 Stars   (360 Customer Reviews)

Sherwood Innovations Dash Kits Reviews (1 of 290+)

5.00 star rating
7 of 9 people found this review helpful.

I installed it the day I got it back from work. Under dim sun set light, I could not wait. I wish I waited and install under proper light because the next morning I noticed alittle misalignment and bubblings. It was not a big deal to fix it. The install was easy and hard. Easy because it is straight forward stick it on. Hard because you only have one shot. I got it wrong a couple of times and hard to pull it back out. It sticks like crazy. A tip on installing the door armrest. If possbile take it off and apply the woodtrim. The door sidewall will get in the way.The result is beautiful. Check out the pics.

—Reviewed by Dennis C (Whitestone, NY) 2006 Toyota Prius

B&I Dash Kits Reviews (1 of 70+)

4.00 star rating
3 of 5 people found this review helpful.

although I like the look of the brushed aluminum, i had trouble with lining up some of the pieces and as a result, I warped one of the vent pieces trying to peel it off slowly because i found the the material to be less forgiving. My aluminum kit also did not come with an instruction sheet or the alcohol swabs that it was supposed to or the option to purchase replacement pieces in case you make a mistake. overall it does enhance the interior and livens it up, i would recommend this product to other people but would recommend professional installation.

—Reviewed by Dennis M (Oregon City, OR) 2006 Ford Mustang

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