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Air Intakes & Exhaust Systems

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If you're looking for politically-correct, you're in the wrong place. Because while running the risk of coming across as slightly sexist, the simple fact remains: many women are attracted to power. And if you don't have it as part of your status (whether natural or earned), you better get some under the hood if you want to compete. Luckily, beefing up your ride with performance power is as easy as adding on a few aftermarket components to your yellow-bellied stock air intake and exhaust.

Air intakes, also known as cold air intakes, increase horsepower and the overall efficiency of an internal combustion engine by drawing in greater volumes of cool air. Although stock air intakes do bring in oxygen, they're designed more for eliminating engine noise…and don't do a heck of a lot more. They're constructed with numerous twists, turns and chambers in an effort to muffle your motor's natural rumble. But, in doing so, they shoke off the airflow. As a result, they tend to be highly restrictive in regard to performance.

The more air your engine receives, the higher the output. That's why cold air intakes, like Chevy Malibu air intakes, are engineered to provide an increase in the amount of oxygen used for combustion with fuel through specially-designed parts, making them a highly cost-effective way to achieve optimum performance for those who demand the most their engine can provide.

No less important when looking to maximize your engine's output is your exhaust system. An aftermarket exhaust system, containing parts from Banks Power and Magnaflow as well as Bassani exhaust components, replaces your stock parts to expel exhaust gases away from the controlled combustion taking place inside your engine. Exhaust components, like performance mufflers, facilitate the efficient removal of waste gases, boosting your horsepower, gas mileage and the overall power of your vehicle. In fact, Ford Mustang Flowmaster exhaust components and similar parts have been shown to provide the greatest improvement to overall horsepower and torque of any other performance upgrade. On average, you can expect an increase of 5hp - 11hp, with noticeable bumps that include increased torque and streamlined fuel economy (adding between 1 - 2 miles per gallon).

Manufacturers like Bassani Exhaust and Borla Exhaust have made great improvements to exhaust components in the past decade. But few can compare to the strides taken by Magnaflow. A Magnaflow exhaust system features dense acoustical-absorbing material inside the muffler, filtering out any off-key vibrations and harsh noises while still emanating a smooth, throaty growl. In addition, Magnaflow utilizes a unique catalytic converter that reduces the amount of pollution produced by an internal combustion engine, weakening the polluting chemicals and converting them into a more environmentally-friendly byproduct of combustion. This process greatly reduces restrictions on the engine—not to mention the environmental benefits.

Whether you're in the market for complete Toyota Tundra exhaust systems or just a single component, like Honda air intakes, streamlining the performance of your engine through air intake and exhaust upgrades provides functionality and lasting affordability in one simple step.

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