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Give Your Car What It's Always Wanted: Exhaust Components

The holidays are coming. And while the “perfect” gift for her may entail karats (and an entire paycheck or more), your vehicle is somewhat less demanding. Enhancing its exhaust system by upgrading a few choice components is the perfect choice for anyone looking to treat their vehicle, and themselves, to a boost in power and performance.

Similar to exhaling, your exhaust system serves a vital function to the overall performance of your vehicle. Composed of bent metal tubing intended to expel exhaust gases away from the controlled combustion taking place inside your engine, stock components are often constructed with twists and turns that stifle the exhaust, causing backpressure. In comparison, performance-grade Magnaflow exhaust parts or Borla exhaust parts maximize the removal of these waste gases by providing a smoother conduit for spent gases to exit the engine. In doing so, you immediately receive a boost in both horsepower and gas mileage.

Cars and trucks differ slightly in the placement of the exhaust system, with Sierra exhaust components often visible and exposed while smaller vehicles usually contain them embedded within the undercarriage. Unfortunately, stock parts are stock parts, no matter what vehicle they’re on. And, they’re typically not designed for optimum performance, which is why it’s important to have a basic understanding of the key components, allowing you to upgrade and maximize your vehicle with efficient precision.

Catalytic Converters

First introduced in the 1950s, catalytic converters reduce the amount of pollution produced by an internal combustion engine and are now standard components on all new vehicles. Hot exhaust gases contain carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen and hydrocarbons that, if left unchecked, significantly contribute to pollution. Through the use of catalytic converters, these gases are filtered through a coating of precious metals found on the converter's substrate before exiting through the exhaust pipe. The substrate is a network of small ceramic passageways that weakens the polluting chemicals, making the resulting exhaust more environmentally-friendly while streamlining the removal of spent gases from your engine.


The primary task of a muffler is to minimize the force and noise created by a running engine. Required by law in some states, mufflers reduce pulsations created by exhaust gases. In addition, mufflers also allow spent gases to pass freely through the system and are lined with wool, fiber mat or fiberglass, providing an insulated sound barrier while attempting to prevent excessive backpressure that would otherwise act as an inadvertent brake against the engine and erode performance.

Exhaust Tips

Not all upgrades are functional. Some are just plain cool. Exhaust tips don’t make the exhaust flow any cleaner, but they’ll sure set your vehicle apart from the pack. They’re available in a number of styles and finishes, including flush edges, angle cuts and turndown bends to match existing chrome parts or stand out in eye-catching contrast.

Exhaust components are some of the most popular GMC accessories for a reason: they make your motor run stronger. Simple to install and extremely affordable, they’ll save you a ton of money at the pump, making them one of the smartest upgrades for your rig.

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