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Performance Mufflers: The Ultimate Vehicle Decongestant

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Few things are worse than a summer cold. A runny nose, hacking cough and sore throat quickly take all the fun out of the sun. Cures vary widely, from chicken soup and Vicks to a good dose of Jack Daniels and an afternoon of SportsCenter. Most of these treatments are based on little more than superstition (and a desire to drink in the middle of the day). But when it comes to your vehicle and its overall health, a performance muffler is a proven method for clearing the crud from your engine and streamlining its output while maximizing your fuel economy.

Performance-grade mufflers, like the Honda Accord muffler, Ford Focus Muffler, Toyota Camry Muffler, and Dodge mufflers, are designed to reduce pulsations created by exhaust gases by allowing them to pass freely through the system. To contain and minimize unwanted exhaust noise, stock car or truck mufflers are lined with wool, fiber mat or fiberglass, providing an insulated sound barrier. But these stock components are intended to stifle noise from the engine and often do so at the expense of output. A performance exhaust system is engineered to maximize your engine's exhaust flow, enabling it to breathe easier, increasing horsepower and torque to provide an immediate boost in power from 5 - 10 percent. The improvements found in Flomaster exhaust systems and those like them deliver an overall efficiency that translates to more towing power and faster acceleration as well as greater fuel economy and noticeable savings at the pump.

But how does it work? A car muffler contains a seemingly simple set of tubes. But these tubes and chambers are finely-tuned to reflect the sound waves produced by the engine, canceling a large portion of them out in the process. Commonly known as a resonator, the chamber contains a specific volume of air that produces a wave to cancel out a certain frequency of sound when it passes through the chamber, avoiding excessive backpressure in the process. Backpressure reduces power and performance, acting as an inadvertent brake against the engine. Because of all of the turns and holes the exhaust has to go through as it travels through the system, stock components (and even some universal mufflers) produce a fairly high amount of backpressure, making this an important consideration for those who demand high-output from their car or truck. The streamlined free-flow of exhaust provided by a Chevy Silverado exhaust system, Magnaflow performance exhaust system and those like them also provides a rich, throaty sound, giving your ride a chest-rattling rumble guaranteed to turn heads everywhere you go.

Unlike other performance upgrades, installing performance-enhancing car or truck mufflers is simple. Each comes custom-tailored to your specific make, model and year and arrives with all the necessary mounting hardware and instructions for a step-by-step, do-it-yourself installation that's easily accomplished by a novice in a couple hours. Constructed of heavy duty materials like aluminum or stainless steel, performance-grade truck mufflers fight corrosion and provide a long-life of reliable performance.

Borla exhaust systems and performance-grade mufflers, like Nissan muffler, are the quickest way to give your engine the breath of fresh air it needs to perform at its peak. Whether you're towing heavy loads or just bombing around town, you'll notice an immediate savings at the pump with this performance-enhancing upgrade.

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