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What is the Best Exhaust System?

If you learn nothing else by browsing this site, learn this: increasing the efficiency of your exhaust system produces some of the greatest boosts to output and fuel economy of any other performance upgrade.

But if you’re looking for the single best enhancement (like Magnaflow vs Flowmaster), there is no one-size-fits-all. And, to be perfectly honest, there shouldn’t be. That’s because each driver has different needs based on the specific demands of their vehicle as well as individual expectations for the level of overall performance. Here’s a rundown on some of the popular features most major aftermarket brands share in common, as well as some of their unique offerings.

Smoother Pathway

Stock exhaust systems are constructed of crush-bent metal tubing intended to expel exhaust gases away from the controlled combustion taking place inside your engine. And, though it effectively reduce noise, this design stifles the exhaust system and causes backpressure. In comparison, performance-grade Corsa exhaust parts, Magnaflow exhaust components, the Honda performance exhaust system and the Flowmaster Force II for the F150 streamline the removal of these waste gases by providing a smoother, more direct conduit for spent gases to exit the engine. In doing so, performance exhaust 2002 Avalanche components, American Thunder exhaust parts and similar vehicle-specific upgrades deliver a boost in both horsepower and gas mileage.

For example, the MBRP cat back exhaust system uses fast-flowing, restriction-free 409 stainless steel tubing with half-inch overlapped welding at every joint that provides leak-free quality for a lifetime of dependability. Their patented components are proven to reduce engine heat, relieve backpressure and improve exhaust scavenging to deliver extra power that’ll practically blow off your exhaust tips!

Enhanced Components

Any system is only as good as its individual parts. In an exhaust system, catalytic converters and performance mufflers are the keys to high output. The catalytic converter reduces the amount of pollution produced by filtering exhaust gases through a coating of precious metals found on the converter's substrate. The substrate is a network of small ceramic passageways that weakens the polluting chemicals, making the resulting exhaust more environmentally-friendly while streamlining the removal of spent gases from your engine. Unlike stock parts, an aftermarket catalytic converter provides a greater surface area for the exhaust to flow past, removing more of the dangerous chemicals while allowing the engine to breathe easier by facilitating a faster removal of the exhaust. Similarly, aftermarket mufflers also allow spent gases to pass more freely through the system, providing an insulated sound barrier while preventing the excessive backpressure often caused by stock mufflers.

Exhaust systems reviews reflect two main benefits: simple installation and high performance. These upgrades for Honda vehicles, and just about any other make, model and year, are far less invasive than other performance enhancements and offer the added plus of benefiting the environment.

Magnaflow vs. Flowmaster American Thunder vs. Flowmaster Force II

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