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4.00 star rating Average Customer Rating for TFP Fender Flares & Trim: 4.00 out of 5 Stars (420 Customer Reviews)

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4.00 star rating
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All pieces fit together well and fit the exact contour of my durango. Note: some parts, i.e. that may go over part of a doorbase can only be attached with the 3M tape, requires a perfect contour fit of the trim. Which TFP did meet specs on!Where practical, the best way to attach to the fender well is with the sheet metal screws. Take care when drilling that the trim piece is as snug to the well as possible without bending.This will ensure the drilled hole stays within the well.The slip metal tabs are not going to really hold the trim niceand tight to the wheel well.Thats my story! Pretty windy eh... TFP trim is quality, just take your time putting it all together.

—Reviewed by Joe S (Sierra Vista, AZ) 2007 Dodge Durango

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