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How to Shop for the Best All Weather & Rubber Floor Liners

Advantages Over Factory Floor Mats

The biggest reason to go with All-Weather or Rubber Floor Mats is that those flimsy factory mats just don’t cut the mustard. Dealers & auto manufacturers try to save money wherever they can, and floor mats are an easy corner to cut. Here are some advantages of all-weather mats:

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Difference Between Rubber Mats and Liners

There are three main differences between rubber mats and molded liners.

Custom vs. Semi-Custom vs. Universal Mats

Here at AutoAnything, we boast a massive selection of all-weather and rubber floor mats. One of the major deciding factors is whether to go with custom, semi-custom or universal sized mats.

One-Piece vs. Two-Piece (Front and Rear)

Depending on your vehicle and the mat brand, you have the choice between a one- or two-piece set. Two-piece mats are the traditional style, with one mat for each foot well located below each seat. One-piece mats, on the other hand, cover the space between the seats as well. Two-piece mats are a lot easier to remove and clean, but offer less coverage than the one-piece style.

Sports Logos

If you’re a hardcore sports fan looking for hardcore carpet defense, you’re in luck. Some rubber mats are emblazoned with the official logos of your favorite sports teams—from the NFL and NBA to the NHL and MLB, we have a huge selection of Logo Floor Mats to choose from.

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