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Upgrading Your Fuel System with Performance Fuel Injectors

Performance Fuel Injectors
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Our performance fuel injectors and fuel pumps deliver more gasoline or diesel to create a fuel mixture with serious punch. Upgrading your fuel injector is one of the easiest ways to maximize your fuel delivery and atomization. All of our fuel injectors are custom made for your specific vehicle, so they deliver an OE-style fit. Check out our Venom Super Flow Fuel Injectors for maximum performance, even under the most extreme conditions. These performance fuel injectors are fine-tuned to increase fuel flow by 10% without using rich mixtures that could damage your engine parts. And, they’ve been rigorously tested for leaks, precise pressure and spray pattern consistency to assure utmost quality. Packed in a carefully reclaimed OEM housing unit, Venom Super Flow Fuel Injectors are a sure fit. Plus, they boast a straightforward installation.

Venom Super Flow Fuel Injectors

Venom Super Flow Fuel Injectors

The Benefits of a Performance Fuel Injector

Installing performance fuel injectors is a great step in improving your fuel systems. But, to get the most power, you need to install a performance fuel pump as well. Hi-flow fuel pumps, like BBK Fuel Pump Kits, provide maximum fuel flow for increased horsepower, torque and throttle response. And, the BBK Fuel Pressure Regulators allow you to take control over your motor’s gasoline diet. Another easy way to upgrade your fuel systems is with Methanol Injection Kits. Cooling your powerplant from the inside, Methanol Injection Kits deliver an intense power boost. And, they can save you a few bucks at the pump.

Fitch Fuel Catalyst

Fitch Fuel Catalyst

Selecting the Right Fuel Injector for Your Ride

Once you have an upgraded fuel system, don’t forget to give it the best fuel treatment. Fuel treatments, like the Fitch Fuel Catalyst, bolster MPGs, power and efficiency, so that you can run longer, stronger and cleaner on each tank. In fact, our fuel catalysts improve fuel economy by up to 1 to 2.5 MPGs.

Before you make your purchase, check out the customer reviews on our site. These vehicle-specific reviews allow you to make an informed decision before you make your purchase. You can see just which fuel injectors, fuel pumps and methanol injection kits deliver the best results. And, because these reviews are vehicle specific, you can see just which parts are best for your Ford Mustang or Chevy Camaro.

Product Comparison
Fitch Fuel Catalyst
Venom Super Flow Fuel Injectors
BBK Fuel Pressure Regulators
Product Name
Sale Price
$215.55 each
$239.95 /kit
Customer Rating (36) (18) (1)
Ease of Installation
Warranty250,000-mile warrantyLifetime Warranty1-year warranty

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