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Through the Rear View Mirror

They say hindsight is 20/20...but not when you’re driving with a cloudy or broken rear view mirror. If it’s a sunny day but the view behind you looks like a foggy fall afternoon, it’s time to replace that stock mirror with something a little more robust and dependable.

Like any reflective surface, the glass in rear view mirrors gets cloudy over time, making the images harder and harder to see. It’s a safety hazard. Plus, all that squinting isn’t good for your vision. Luckily, rear view mirrors – like Toyota Tundra chrome rear view mirrors, a Toyota Sienna rear view mirror, a Toyota Highlander rear view mirror and the wide variety of similar vehicle-specific models currently available – are a snap to replace!

Unlike the rear view mirrors you’ll find at a one-stop-shop (or even some of the lower-end auto retailers), performance-grade rear view mirrors are not generic. Each one is specific to your unique make, model and year, so they come with the proper mounting hardware and step-by-step instructions, guaranteeing an easy installation.

A replacement rear view mirror for the Tundra and other vehicles comes in two varieties: standard and auto-dimming mirrors. Self dimming rear view mirrors incorporate the latest photosensitive technology, electronically controlling the opacity of the mirror and adjusting for bright light to ensure optimum safety and vision. Specially-engineered to control the amount of light that reflects off the glass, self dimming rear view mirrors are also available with additional bells and whistles like a digital compass, thermometer or an LCD screen that connects to a camera in the rear of your vehicle for added visibility.

Plus, for those who ride around in a big rig and regularly haul wide or view-obstructing loads, truck rear view mirrors extendable feature allows you to extend your field of vision when towing, making sure you’ll steer clear of any and all game-stoppers.

With the rear view covered, it’s time to look out the sides. Side mirrors are crafted from durable automotive-grade ABS with chrome plating to stand up to the unavoidable abuse often suffered at the hands of bike messengers, mailmen, children and other bodyline assassins. And unlike a steel cover, the high-quality chrome plating of these mirror covers will never yellow with age.

Manufactured by proven industry leaders, like Street Scene and CIPA, all rear view mirrors and side mirrors feature a straightforward, no-drill installation that seamlessly replaces your missing or damaged stock mirror for a clean, professional appearance and crystal-clear reflection.

Rear view mirrors and similar Toyota accessories are essential safety gear for your vehicle. But, with the technological enhancements available today, they can also serve as a mini instrument panel. Simple to install and easily-affordable, they make the perfect stocking stuffer for the do-it-yourselfer or the teen fixing up his first car.

Please feel free to call toll-free 800.874.8888 or e-mail with any questions. We are delighted to be of assistance in finding the right auto parts for you, be they car parts, truck parts or SUV parts.

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