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This Ain't Your Daddy's Radar Detector

Imagine how tough life must have been for dear old dad: no 24-hour cable sports, few (if any) imported beers, and forced to slog his way to school, uphill all the way…there and back. But, one thing hasn’t changed: traffic cops, though they’ve gone from simply guessing your speed to using a wide variety of devices that measure it down to the mile. The good news is that same technology has also filtered its way down to the everyday world of you and I, taking shape in the high-tech radar detectors of today. Make no mistake, this ain’t your daddy’s radar detector.

Car radar detectors, like Ford Mustang radar detectors, work by monitoring commonly used radar frequencies and provide a warning that can include sounds, flashing lights or both for those who like to ride around with the music up loud.

But how does radar work? It’s actually pretty simple. There are two types of traffic-monitoring methods: radar and laser detectors. Both measure your speed by bouncing radar waves (or bursts of laser light) off your vehicle and back to the gun. Then they calculate the change in distance traveled over a certain area and use that information to determine your speed. Here in the US, radar guns operate on three bands in: X, K and Ka. Depending on where you’re driving, you have the potential to get hit with any of the radar or laser bands currently in use, which makes a detector that monitors all bands, including laser, the smartest investment when it comes to mobile electronics.

A radar gun generates radio waves, making radar detectors most effective when there is moderate traffic. The more the gun is used, the more waves it generates. By the same token, the less it’s used, the less warning you’ll get. Many cities also use what’s known as POP radar. It allows police to turn it on and off, thus generating a shorter warning range than radar in continuous use. For these reasons, it’s always best to couple your radar detector with a good dose of common sense. If you barrel through that school zone, expect to get pulled over no matter what.

In addition, modern radar guns can target your vehicle from the front, back or side. So, to provide yourself maximum protection, make sure your radar detector is equipped with 360° detection, like that offered through Escort radar detectors, a Beltronics radar detector or Escort Passport radar detector. Currently at the pinnacle of technology, Escort radar devices, and all those like them, should provide ample warning for radar and laser signals emitted from any direction. Plus, they’re legal in most states (unless you’re among the lucky residents of Virginia or Washington DC).

When it comes to Ford accessories, few beat out the modern radar detector. Providing ample warning for all types of traffic-monitoring devices, they can give you a heads up when you may be too focused on your Blackberry to notice the cop sitting at the side of the road.

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