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Car Seat Covers the Best Protection Against Fast Food and Children

When you agreed to ride shotgun to the meeting downtown with the guy from IT, you had no idea what the interior of his car looked like. And now that you’re stuck in traffic, you can’t help but be amazed at how the seat you’re sitting in can be both sticky and covered with crumbs at the same time. Not to mention the combined smell of Cheetos, sour milk, pine-scented air freshener and something that reeks of dirty gym socks permeating the vehicle. “How are the kids,” you ask. “Oh, they’re great. Starting kindergarten this fall,” he replies.


Other than a stick of dynamite or a wrecking ball, few things are more damaging to an automobile than children—except for yours, of course. They’re perfect. As for the rest of 'em, you may want to add a little extra coverage to protect your interior on the days you find yourself enjoying the parental privilege of carpool.

Car seat covers, like Dodge Ram seat covers and Honda seat covers, are one of the easiest-to-install and most affordable aftermarket accessories available today. They slip on and off with no tools required and are available for all seats and rows in your vehicle, ensuring complete protection from soup to nuts. Coverking seat covers and similar models are even treated with water and stain repellents for complete spill protection.

Unlike the sloppy-fitting seat covers your mom and dad had, you don’t have to sacrifice style just to protect your investment. Leather seat covers, like those manufactured by Covercraft, are available in a variety of styles and options, including camo seat covers and Hawaiian seat covers. In addition, many seat car covers and truck seat covers are manufactured from quality OEM fabrics and incorporate a soft foam backing for added comfort and durability. Think you’ll find that in a generic car seat cover? Think again.

If your kids are the “rambunctious” type, you might consider car seat covers made from more durable fabrics like microfiber and endura. These heavy-duty car and truck seat covers are great for standing up to the equally heavy demands of soccer cleats, McDonald’s grease and chewing gum. Plus, microfiber is UV fade-resistant and has the added ability to block stains. Similarly, endura provides an impenetrable layer of protection that stops spills from leaking through.

Neoprene seat car covers are the final option when looking to safeguard your stock upholstery. They’re manufactured from the same material used in wet suits and are water resistant. Similar to microfiber, they’re also UV-protected, keeping your interior pristine while retaining their own like-new appearance.

Among Dodge accessories, the car seat cover is king. But it’s not just limited to Dodge owners. Parents the world over rely on car seat covers to protect their stock interior. Simple to wash and well-worth their cost for the money they save you, they simply can’t be beat!

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