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Shocking News, Performance Suspension Systems Create A Smoother Ride

You may be shocked to learn how much smoother your ride can be with the modern components found in a performance suspension system, like those manufactured by Koni and Eibach. Forget the bone-rattling, teeth-chattering parts that came from the factory. After racking up a few miles on those, you may as well be riding around in a horse-drawn wagon. Underperforming or stock components are especially noticeable on long rides. So if you’ve ever jumped out at the filling station and can still feel the vibration of the steering wheel in your hands, it’s time to upgrade. Here’s what you need to know.

Your suspension system supports the weight of the car, its passengers and any additional cargo, all of which can add up to some pretty considerable weight. At the same time, your shocks and other suspension components allow the tires and wheels to move up and down to compensate for uneven pavement. This action is what makes for a smooth ride.

Shock absorbers are a vital part of any performance-grade suspension system, like the Koni suspension system and Chevy Silverado suspension system. They balance out the varying terrain by absorbing or dissipating energy, keeping the ride smooth by working in conjunction with the other components. Performance shocks, like Koni classic red shocks and Ford F150 shocks, are available as custom-fit, adjustable shocks, OEM-style and even factory replacements, ensuring the perfect match for replacing those worn out or underperforming stock components. Each is robotically-welded for accuracy and quality construction. Plus, they’re specially-tuned to your make, model and year, ensuring simple installation and a perfect match to your vehicle.

But Koni shock absorbers are not the sole component in a performance suspension system. The actual method of suspension – utilizing air, coil springs or leaf springs – also plays a huge role. Of the three, air suspension is one of the most popular methods. It’s powered by an engine-driven or electric air compressor and replaces conventional steel springs while providing a smoother ride (and even self-leveling in some cases). Air suspension also allows the vehicle to sit extremely low, yet rise high enough to clear obstacles like speed bumps and curbs, allowing the user to adjust each wheel's air pressure individually and tilt those low-riders side to side or front to back. Air suspension is ideal when incorporating lift kits or lowering kits.

The other two methods of suspension are achieved through the use of coil springs or leaf springs. Coil springs absorb shock through the collection and release of energy and are constructed of an elastic material shaped into a helix, similar to the spring found in most retractable pens. Somewhat similar, leaf springs are one of the oldest and most simple forms of suspension but are also difficult to control and create static friction resulting from the motion of the suspension, resigning them to use primarily for larger vehicles, farm equipment and railway cars.

Koni adjustable shocks are just one component of a Toyota suspension system. Each part is optimized to provide the absolute smoothest ride, delivering a noticeable difference in the handling and feel in comparison to stock parts.

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