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It's Pronounced TAH-NO and Other Facts About Tonneau Covers

Aside from its name (which has an even greater variety of pronunciations than mayonnaise), a tonneau cover delivers the perfect trifecta of enhancements for your rig. Tonneau covers revitalize the stock appearance of your truck, providing a custom-looking appearance while protecting your gear and saving you gas…all at the same time. Here’s how.

Initially gaining popularity on racetracks, tonneau covers got their name from a French word that refers to the rear-seating compartment of a vehicle. Drivers used tonneau covers to improve the aerodynamics of their vehicles—a substantial benefit that has trickled down and been adapted for the modern driver.

As air passes over your cab, it flows into your empty truck bed where it collects. This action produces drag that has a considerable impact on the overall performance and fuel efficiency of your truck. Closed-air truck beds, like those sealed with a Chevy Silverado tonneau cover, offer lower air resistance that streamlines your rig and saves you several miles of gas on every trip. In fact, just by installing Bak tonneau covers or other tonneau covers for Chevy pickups, you can instantly extend your gas mileage by up to 10 percent!

Tonneau covers are available in two main varieties: hard-top and soft-top. Though soft tonneaus allow you to haul oversize loads by providing full access to your truck bed, those building a show truck won’t find anything close to the finished look achieved through a hard top tonneau cover, like the Silverado hard tonneau cover. A hybrid of the two, the retractable tonneau cover, is also available for those looking for the simplicity offered by the soft top and the tonneau security of a hard top.

Tonneau cover reviews are largely positive due to the extreme functionality of the product itself, extending the utility of your truck at the same time. That’s because tonneau covers transform your truck bed into a sheltered compartment, protecting your cargo from weather and preventing theft. Whether you’re driving around in rain, snow or areas with heavy dust, tonneau covers are far more effective than a tarp when it comes to deflecting elements that could easily damage tools or other expensive gear. Plus, many models feature locking devices that convert your truck bed into a lockable safe, ensuring your gear will be there when you get back.

Tonneau covers, like Extang tonneau covers, are fully custom built for a flawless fit in your particular truck's bed. Each kit comes complete with all the necessary mounting hardware and step-by-step instructions, enabling a simple, at-home installation for the novice and experienced do-it-yourselfer alike.

Tonneau covers and similar Chevy accessories extend the utility of your rig by enabling you to leave cargo in the bed of your truck without worry. Easily installed and highly impressive, they’re the finishing touch to any custom ride!

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