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Just Like A Roll N Lock

The great thing about owning a truck is the freedom to haul just about anything simply by tossing it into the bed. When was the last time you heard anybody say the same thing about a Prius? Never. But, while your truck bed provides limitless possibilities in terms of function, it also leaves any and all cargo exposed to Mother Nature's wrath and the fast hands of thieves.

That's why tonneau covers were invented. But some guys don't want the hassle involved with a traditional folding or tilting hard-top tonneau, which limit the amount of available space and are difficult to uninstall and reinstall when hauling oversize loads. Necessity may be the mother of invention, but its father was definitely mechanically inclined, giving rise to the perfect combination of hard and soft tonneau covers: the Roll 'N' Lock.

Tonneau covers, also known as truck bed covers, have come into their own, incorporating the latest technology and advanced materials to deliver a product that's both highly functional and stylish. If you think "plastic tarp" when you hear the term soft tonneau cover, you're dead wrong. Soft tonneau covers, like the Chevy Silverado tonneau, feature technology that allows them to open and close with the simple push of a button. They're constructed of materials that provide a smooth, sleek appearance and easily match most truck bed liners.

Roll 'N' Lock tonneau covers, like the Ford F150 Roll 'N' Lock or the Tundra Roll 'N' Lock, protect your cargo against rain, snow, UV rays and dust. They also prevent it from being blown around by wind and even come with optional locking devices. Similar to their hard-top counterparts, soft tonneau covers streamline your rig by making it aerodynamically efficient, allowing air to slide off the cover rather than becoming trapped in the bed where it does little more than create drag.

Cornering the market on soft tonneau covers, Roll 'N' Lock truck bed covers are built with solid vinyl-over-aluminum construction and feature a compact housing and flush handle that provide maximum storage space in your bed. Plus, the drainage fittings keep water from building up in the housing unit of your Roll 'N' Lock.

They're available in either the manual M-series or the remote-locking E-series. The M-Series Roll 'N' Lock opens and closes in seconds and provides easy access to your truck bed with no snaps or cross bars to hassle with. Like a safe on wheels, it keeps your gear secure with its built-in tailgate lock and also features a convenient key-slot cover to prevent the locking mechanism from freezing in colder temperatures. For those looking for even more simplicity, the E-Series features a push-button remote control for opening or closing your tonneau in just 9 seconds. Additional bells and whistles include an emergency release mechanism for manual operation and an automatic light for added visibility.

A Dodge Roll 'N' Lock tonneau is just one of the many vehicle specific Roll 'N' Lock tonneaus available on the market today. Easy to install and even simpler to use, the push of a button enables you to haul anything without worrying about whether or not it will be there when you get back.

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