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UnderCover Ultra Flex Tonneau Cover Coming Soon!

Undercover Flex Tonneau Cover Top View

Estimated Arrival Date

According to UnderCover, the Ultra Flex Tonneau Cover is scheduled to start shipping for the Holidays 2016. And if you just can’t wait, check out our other folding tonneau covers that are shipping right now further below.

Product Description

With so many different truck sizes, shapes and capabilities to choose from, it should come as no surprise that tonneau covers are just as variable. What one model may possess in security, it may compromise when it comes to truck bed accessibility – and vice versa. One tonneau that won’t disappoint is the highly innovative, highly versatile UnderCover Ultra Flex Tonneau Cover.

As stylish as they are sturdy, UnderCover Ultra Flex Tonneaus are constructed from lightweight fiberglass panels that fold all the way back to the bulkhead for complete truck bed access when you need it, and feature an underlying layer of BedRug carpet. Aluminum side rails clamp onto the rails of your truck bed, delivering a low-pro appearance – all in an attractive, UV-protected matte-black finish. Dual LED bed rail lights offer visibility for nighttime trucking, and UnderCover went so far as to add a handy saddlebag that hooks onto the covers’ rails for additional storage.

Installation is a cinch – all you need is a free chunk of an afternoon, a 9/16” wrench and a little elbow grease. Made with pride in Rogersville, MO, your UnderCover Ultra Flex Tonneau Cover is supported by a 5-year warranty.

Product Features

  • Fend off every threat to payload security by installing an UnderCover Ultra Flex Tonneau Cover
  • Removable folding design allows for full truck bed access whenever you require it
  • Fiberglass reinforced panels with aluminum side rails are extremely resistant to dents and scratches
  • Panel undersides feature rugged BedRug carpet, visible when you fold it back to the bulkhead
  • Effectively turns back truck bed bandits – cannot be opened when tailgate is locked
  • Boasts dual LED bed rail lights and a saddlebag that hooks on to the covers rails for extra storage
  • Installs easily – all you really need is a 9/16” hand-wrench
  • Comes in an UV-proof, matte-black finish for lasting, low-pro looks
  • Your UnderCover Ultra Flex Truck Bed Cover is made in the USA and backed by a 5-year warranty

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