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3 Items to Help Protect Your Car's Interior

Sunshade Vehicle Interior

BY Emelie S.

Old or new, it’s never too late to start protecting the inside of your vehicle. Specks of dust and dirt can build up quickly, but it’s easy to avoid. These three accessories help prolong or restore that new-car feel and also add value if you try to resell your vehicle years down the road.



A windshield sunshade keeps your interior from absorbing heat that can damage your seats and dashboard – and the backside of your legs. Designed for all application sizes and lifestyles, sunshade covers come in different colors and patterns that not only protect your 4-wheeled investment, but also liven it with personality.


Sunshades on Car Interior
Floor Mats Vehicle Interior


Floor Mats

Floor mats and liners are often taken for granted, but can save your precious interior from anything and everything. From muddy shoes to spilled coffee and everything in between, there are universal and custom floor mats to protect your interior. Whether you want something subtle and solid or vibrant and patterned, you can have it.



Seat Covers

Often overlooked, seat covers are vital for extending the life of your interior. Dust, crumbs and spills are part of the daily drive, especially if your commute involves long hours in traffic. Whether you choose a wetsuit, leather or cotton fabric, seat covers are a must if you’re serious about protecting your new ride. Best yet – you can just take them off and wash them when they get dirty.


CalTrend NeoSupreme Seat Covers

What are the best ways you’ve protected your interior? We’re all about personalization and protection – share your ideas!