3 Top Auto Parts for Front-End Protection



Grille guards don't just look tough – underneath their finish, their impressive strength works to keep your front end unharmed in many sticky driving situations. The strength is derived from both the materials used to make the guard and the way it's mounted. Forget soft, lightweight metal – steel is king when it comes to protecting your vehicle’s front end. And, when your ride’s face is on the line, you’ll want to go with thick-wall steel tubing for the ultimate protection.

Most grille guards are easy to bolt onto your existing factory mounting points, meaning you can set up a suit of armor for your ride in no time. It’s worth noting that attempting to drive through barriers, ramming still objects or other cars, and high-speed pushing should not be attempted. However, a grille guard will safely absorb minor impacts and accomplish low-speed pushing with ease. Not to mention effective coverage against airborne road debris, rocks, and stray parking lot menaces like shopping carts.

Full, front-end grille guards also protect another sensitive part of your vehicle, its headlights. If one of these gets cracked, replacement can be quite costly. Considering automakers' trend toward more expensive headlights, replacing a busted one can jam you for almost the cost of a grille guard. Part of your guard's value is simply preventing expensive body shop bills or replacement part expenses by putting tough steel in the way of potential damages.



If your vehicle needs the protection, but a subtle look is more your style, a bull bar is the perfect addition for your ride. Focusing on the middle of your front end, bull bars shield the most vulnerable spots on your vehicle. They are tailored to your year, make and model and are also available in different finishes to outlast damages from corrosion and other elements.



Brush Guard

Unlike bull bars, brush guards offer complete protection of your vehicle’s fascia. That means your headlights are also safeguarded from any potential rocks or road hazards that could crack or break them. Brush guards are also made for a custom fit on your ride, so their steel tubing will conform to your vehicle’s lines and contours for a flush look.


Front Bumper

Whether you want to have the option of adding more accessories in the future, or are simply looking for a way to protect your factory bumper, there are many benefits that come when you choose a bumper to protect your truck or SUV. Depending on your vehicle and the style of front bumper you’re after, you can easily gain full frontal protection for your ride and maintain a seamless look.


Regardless of your weapon of choice, grille guards and bumpers are made for extreme protection wherever you drive, giving your vehicle confidence and your passengers peace of mind. Whether you choose a new bumper, a bull bar or pair your setup with a brush guard, you can rest assured you’ll be more protected than you were before with just your factory setup.