3 Products to Protect Your Vehicle & Cargo from Weather


Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night can stop the U.S. Postal Service… or you, for that matter. Not when you get behind the wheel and have somewhere to go, someone to see, or something to drop off. However weathertight, toasty or comfortable your cabin though, you need to ensure that your cargo makes it to your destination in good shape.

Preserving your paint job against acid rain, road-salt, hail and other hazards is a plus, too. Here, we break down the three most reliable products to meet those needs, as well as a few other considerations.


Whether you make your home in the bayous of Louisiana or the foothills of Montana, your light- to super-duty pickup truck requires a cover to withstand both heavy snowfall and monsoon season. For colder environments, a hard tonneau cover – especially one of the folding variety – holds up extremely well, while a hinged fiberglass tonneau provides the best payload protection due to their large bed rail overlapping. This channels rainfall down the outside and away from your load.

For those of you who live somewhere in between, where the weather ranges from super-hot to super-dusty, a soft tonneau cover is more in-line with your needs. Extreme temperatures cause warping and loosening of the otherwise-durable material, but with some soft tonneaus, you can adjust the tension of the top to compensate – no problem.


If you haven’t already investigated our article, “2 Different Types of Car Covers & Their Benefits”, now might be a good time to do so. Determining whether to buy an indoor or outdoor car or truck cover is as simple as knowing where you most often park. Not only does this particular product safeguard against all exterior and possibly even airborne damage, but they’re breathable to boot and designed for a snug fit.

For double-insurance against high winds, consider investing in an ingenious set of cords and clamps to keep that cover where it belongs. Easy to attach and simple to adjust, they lock in for the long haul once everything’s in place.


Designed to blanket key areas like the windshield, side and rear windows, side mirrors and keyholes, windshield snow covers save you time, shoulder-ache and cold-weather sweat that comes with scraping clean a frozen-over vehicle.

Windshield snow shades prevent build-up overnight, install easily and slide right off when you’re ready to drive. More expansive snow shields – like this one from Covercraft – feature a more intricate, but no less easy to remove, magnetized design that splits up the middle. They’re held down by straps and quality-crafted to survive any storm.


When the poor weather has come and gone, it’s important to treat your vehicle for getting you through. Fortunately, there are detailing supplies available to restore your ride’s shine – including waxes to protect the clear coat, pads, wheel cleaner, buffers and much more.