3 Important Trailer Hitch Facts for Towing a Trailer


BY Emelie S.

Before you head out for your camping adventure or long-awaited road trip, there a few important facts you need to consider when towing a trailer. Although it looks as easy as pie, towing has different limits for each vehicle and trailer. It requires the weight on each side to be even and balanced. Read along and learn a little bit more about these towing factors and everything they entail.


1. Proper Weight Class

In order to determine the proper weight class for your trailer hitch you must first establish the type of vehicle you will use to tow and the type of trailer you will be towing. Hitches are categorized in five different classes according to their weight capacity and size. This chart will give you an idea of the different types of trailer hitch classes and help you choose the right one for your vehicle:


Having the proper weight class to tow means you don’t utilize a trailer hitch that isn’t meant for your trailer’s size – or that exceeds your vehicle’s limits – but we’ll discuss your vehicle’s towing capacity later. Just like vehicles have different weight capacities, trailer hitches also vary in weight and size. Choosing the right weight class for your application is essential for legal and safe towing.


2. Weight Distribution

Leveling your trailer is extremely important to avoid any accidents on the road – plus, balancing a trailer’s weight also maximizes its weight capacity. If you don’t distribute your trailer’s tongue weight, your vehicle gets constantly strained with every mile you travel. Fortunately, there are several accessories that help with the process of readjusting your trailer’s tongue weight. Built-in scales such as Weigh Safe Universal Tow Ball give you automatic measurements to easily adjust your trailer before you hit the road.


3. Towing Capacity

Now that you’ve got the proper trailer hitch and know how to balance your trailer, it’s important to remember that your vehicle also has a towing capacity. Exceeding your vehicle’s towing limits can result in fatal collisions, so it’s important to know your application’s restrictions and respect them.

So how much weight can your vehicle tow? You can easily learn about your vehicle’s tow rating in your user manual or by consulting your vehicle manufacturer. It’s important to keep in mind that even if your vehicle has a maximum towing capacity, your towing weight should be limited to your trailer hitch weight class or your lowest-rated component.