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All-Weather Floor Mats: 3 Types and their Benefits



There are different types of all-weather floor mats. Although they all provide superior protection – especially if you live in an area that experiences different seasons throughout the year – there are different advantages to each. Follow along to discover the benefits of these three types of all-weather floor mats.


Standard Floor Mats

Your typical all-weather floor mats give you rugged protection against rain, dirt and snow. Using a unique ridge and groove system they trap the mud, moisture and debris that drops from your shoes, keeping it away from your carpet. They also provide sufficient traction to avoid slips and ensure your footing is secure even when the floor mat is wet. Some of the durable materials utilized in building standard floor mats include heavy-duty rubber, stain-resistant nylon and thermoplastic.



Floor Liners

All-weather floor liners also protect your carpet rigorously and stay in place in the process. Trusted brands use advance technology such as textured undercarriage or “SPiN Sta-Put” systems that ensure your liner stays still without creeping down under your seat. All-weather liners are produced with cutting-edge rubberized-plastic materials that withstand cracks or breaks and can be easily cleaned with a hose. They are perfect for construction professionals, ranchers, farmers and outdoor enthusiasts like hunters and fishermen.


Low-Profile Floor Mats

Low-profile, all-weather floor mats provide a tough shield against the elements without the bulk. Their slim size might be deceiving, but low-profile mats are armed with thick rubber or heavy-duty vinyl to contour to your floorboards. Some are even crafted with circular craters that trap the mud, dirt or snow that may sneak in from your boots. Low-profile floor mats are kept in place thanks to their carpet-grabbing nibs, these nibs ensure your mat doesn’t slide around while you’re trying to drive, without harming your factory carpet.


Now that you’ve learned all about all-weather mats, put them to the test by finding your favorite one. The options are plentiful and so are the colors, so whether you want to color-match your floor liners to your interior or pick a contrasting alternative, we have you covered.


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