4 Features to Look for in an Indoor Car Cover

BY Thomas S.

You park your car in your garage for a reason – you don’t want it to suffer the damage that comes with constant exposure to the elements. Whether it’s a fallen branch, hailstorm, the blazing sun or an inattentive cyclist, it’s undeniable that there’s significantly more risk to parking your car outside. But that doesn’t mean your garage is a completely safe zone. From dust to dings to mildew, there’s always a risk unless your garage boasts an airtight seal.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to minimize that risk. All you need is an indoor car cover to give your baby the extra layer of protection it deserves. But with so many options of universal or custom-fit indoor covers out there, how do you choose the right one? Well, we’re here to make that choice a little easier. Read on as we break down the four features you need to look for.



Moisture and condensation is a common ailment that plagues cars even when they’re parked inside, but a breathable indoor cover can dispel the condensation, moisture and heat that usually gets trapped between your vehicle and the fabric of the cover. For example, the Covercraft Dustop Custom Car Cover and Coverking Satin Stretch Car Cover feature fully breathable fabric that you can depend on to provide the protection you need over the long haul.



Dust isn’t just annoying – it can pack a punch. When dust builds up on your paint job (on average, only about 0.006” thick), it turns abrasive and can cause minor scratches that are sure to ruin your ride’s stellar finish. Luckily for you, that’s where an indoor car cover comes in. Manufactured using fabrics that are specially designed to repel dust, covers like the Covercraft Fleeced Satin Car Cover or the Covercraft Reflec’tect Car Cover can keep your ride looking dynamic for years to come.



Your new indoor cover won’t do you or your car much good if it’s rotted due to mildew. If moisture collects on the cover, mildew can form, causing your cover to rot and deteriorate. If that sounds like a concern, then maybe the Covercraft Tan Flannel Custom Car Cover is the one for you. Rot- and mildew-resistant, this is a cover you can depend on to get the job done.


Ding- and dent-protection

If you occasionally use your vehicle as a storage unit for boxes, tools and equipment, the danger of dings and dents is always present. Likewise if your kids play sports in the driveway while the garage door is open. This is where protecting your investment with an indoor cover can come in handy. Also capable of resisting water and heat, covers like the Covercraft Block-it 200 Custom Car Cover and the Rampage Easyfit 4-Layer Car Cover are a safe choice if you’re concerned about potential dings and dents damaging your favorite car.

Now that you have a better idea of the unique features present in indoor car covers, will you be purchasing one? Let us know and leave a comment below!