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5 Customizable Car Gifts for the Holidays


When it comes to certain products like floor liners and seat covers, you’ll always be able to choose between a universal and a custom fit. If you drive a well-known vehicle, chances are universal products will fit your make and model perfectly, but if you want to take each and every contour on your ride seriously, customizing your accessories will give you the flush look you’re after.

A customized accessory might be the perfect gift for your loved one and with the holidays approaching quickly we thought we’d make shopping a little bit easier for you by highlighting our top customizable car gifts. Keep reading to discover some of the best accessories to give this holiday season.


Floor Mats

Floor mats may seem like a trivial accessory that is often overlooked, but when you customize it with your initials or your favorite team’s logo, it can be a gamechanger for your interior. From military branches and personalized logos to NCAA, NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA teams and camo patterns, there are customization options aplenty to help you plan your next gift.



Seat Covers

Seat covers are a must for protecting your interior – make that functionality a lot more fun with colorful styles and prints. Choose from patriotic, camo, collegiate or comic-inspired designs – there’s one for each of your friends.


Caliper Covers

Caliper covers don’t just protect your calipers, they also look sleek on your ride. These colorful ones by MGP are perfect to help you stand out from the crowd. They are crafted from durable aluminum and install in less than 10 minutes on your wheel – perfect for that family member who loves their vehicle, but is always on the run.



Cargo liners

Cargo liners make cleaning a laid-back task, so while you’ve chosen the perfect gift to make someone’s life easier, make sure you also give it some pop. These paw print liners make a cozy bed for a furry friend, while these cargo mats provide the perfect spot for your smelly gym bag. You can also choose liners with unique outlines or personalized logos.


Hitch Covers

Hitch covers are a nice addition to your sedan, SUV or truck. They stand out behind your vehicle and keep gunk and water from entering your receiver when it’s not in use. Whether you’re looking for a classic cover that features your truck’s logo or want to personalize it a bit more with a Hawaiian theme, there are many options to choose from – including an array of football, baseball and basketball team logos.


Now that you’ve seen the many options you can choose from for your next gift, it’s time to find the perfect one just in time for the holidays. Remember the more unique your gift is, the longer it could take to make so be sure to put your order in with enough time to avoid arriving at your guests’ houses empty-handed.