5 Grille Guard Features to Consider before Purchase


BY Emelie S.

Grille guards offer ample front-end protection for your truck and SUV. They come in different sizes, finishes and styles, but there are plenty of features that grille guards can provide for your vehicle that often go unnoticed. Continue reading to discover five different features you should consider before investing in a grille guard.


Auxiliary Light Mounts

A must if you’re an avid off-roader, auxiliary light mounts not only give your truck a rugged look, but they offer that extra visibility you need when you’re deep in the heart of the trail. Some best-selling grille guards like the Aries Grille Guard offer pre-drilled holes for you to easily mount auxiliary lights. A few other favorites include the Steelcraft Grille Guard and the Westin Sportsman Grille Guard which offers 4 auxiliary lights (sold separately) for mounting front and center onto your Westin grille guard.

installing your winch is a cinch


Winch Mounts

Some grille guards allow for easy winch-mounting, making it a cinch to carry your favorite winch whenever you hit the road. The Go Rhino Winch Mount Bumper comes with pre-drilled holes for your lights and also fits winches up to 9,500 lbs. If you’re after more of a heavy-duty winch mount grille guard, checking out the Mile Marker Extreme Mount Winch Guard is a must. You can mount both electric and hydraulic Mile Marker winches onto this guard since it can withstand tension up to 12000 lbs.


Protective Center Grate

A basic grille guard will protect your headlights and your front-end, but may not be able to stop road hazards such as tiny rocks that could scratch your bumper. A protective center grate ensures your steel grille guard has a mesh or grated pattern to keep your front-end fully covered and protected. Some, like the Go Industries Rancher Grille Guard offer 14-gauge steel tubing, while the Steelcraft HD Grille Guard provides a tailored fit to your vehicle.




Whether you want a rougher look for you truck or need to stabilize towing, D-rings are useful to have on your grille guard or bumper for any unexpected situations that may occur while on the road. The Iron Cross HD Front Bumper not only has space for your winch, but also for your D-ring shackles and lights. D-rings are sold separately, but you can find them for $15 to $25 each in a variety of colors to help your truck stand out.


Front Step

A grille guard with a convenient, integrated front step can save your back from pain making it so that you can comfortably pop the hood whenever your truck needs an oil change or a quick check up. The Go Rhino 3000 Series Grille Guard offers a step pad that is pressed into the grille guard tubing, while the AMI Swing Step Grille Guard conveniently stows the step away when it’s not in use.

front step grille guard

Now that you know all about the different features that encompass a grille guard, you can find the perfect one for all your needs by browsing our top picks below.