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5 Truck Bed Accessory Items Worth Installing Today


BY Emelie S.

Your truck is a beast in many ways, and if you’re one of those drivers who’s always ready to take on a new challenge, these five truck bed accessories can transform your truck bed into an all-in-one machine that’s ready to take on any job you throw its way.


Cargo Liners

Truck bed liners and mats are essential for every truck. Not only do they keep your truck bed scratch-free, but they’re also soft on the knees when you have to load or unload your cargo. Best sellers such as the Dee Zee Heavyweight Truck Bed Mat even provide a flexible material that is easy to clean, while the BedRug Bed Mat and BedRug Truck Bed Liner provide a tailored fit for your specific make and model.




There are two types of racks truck owners can benefit from, one is for your two-wheel companions and the other helps you take on heavier loads without jeopardizing your safety. Truck bed bike racks are perfect for any trip – customer favorites like the INNO Velo Gripper Truck Bed Bike Rack even maximize your truck bed space.  Headache racks protect your windows while providing full road and load visibility, for example the Go Industries Round Headache Rack fits flush on your truck bed and offers many options to suit your needs.



Loading ramps make loading heavy cargo a breeze. The Lund Bi-Fold Loading Ramp can hold up to 1500 lbs and is easily foldable when it’s not in use – or you can invest in a Lund Truck Ramp Kit that lets you incorporate your own wooden boards. Whichever your ramp of choice you can rest assured they are built to last and will cut your loading time in half.



Truck Bed Organizers

No one likes a messy truck bed, which is why truck bed organizers come in handy any day. With organizers like the UnderCover Swing Case Truck Toolbox you can keep your tools and other items tidy without limiting your truck bed space – or, for bigger loads you can rely on the HitchMate Cargo Stabilizer Bar and forget about your cargo shifting with every turn.


Truck bed Extenders

Truck bed extenders exist for those times when you wish your truck bed was a couple of feet longer. They secure your heavy cargo and keep it stable while you’re on the road. Popular ones like the AMP Research BedXTender HD Sport offer an optional spacer kit that is compatible with your tonneau cover, and when you don’t need an extender you can use it to contain smaller items within your truck bed.


With these five accessories you can make the most out of your rig while maximizing your truck bed space, but there are many more add-ons you could benefit from – check out our truck bed accessories online and find many more must-haves that are sure to complement your lifestyle.