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5 Vehicle-Packing Tips for a Successful Car Camping Trip


BY Emelie S.

Getting everyone together for a weekend trip can be stressful – equally as stressful: packing. Everyone’s favorite thing to put off until the last minute, you can bet that none of your wonderful family or friends are going to go out of their way to offer a helping hand. That’s why we came up with a list of tips that will hopefully make packing for your next camping adventure a lot easier. Make this your personal checklist or simply follow along as we unveil our Five Tips to Successful Car Camping.


Get Steady

With the long hours on the road and the guest list getting bigger with each passing hour, the best thing to avoid is overloading your truck or SUV. If you find your vehicle is full of items that might bump on every window, try keeping your cargo steady and stable with these cargo management helpers.


Get Sporty

A wonderful trail and adventure awaits – it would be a shame not to bring your bike and enjoy a ride or two – so discover new paths. If you’re afraid an already overloaded vehicle won’t be able to take on your bikes, check out these bike mounts that are perfect for clear rear visibility and accessibility.


Get Hungry

Although tuna and crackers is a tasty snack, canned foods will eventually bore you. Don’t let the lack of creative snacks ruin your camping fun, stack up an all-you-can-eat platter with these must-have camping accessories and enjoy a gourmet meal surrounded by nature.

  • ARB Fridge: Plugs into your vehicle to keep meals or drinks within reach.
  • Smittybilt Artic Fridge and Freezer: This fridge can also become a freezer letting you keep your food or catch of the day as cold as -22°F.
  • ARB All-Weather Fridge Freezer: A heavy-duty fridge that lets you separate food from drinks.
  • ARB Fridge Remote Monitor: If you’re one who often wonders if your stove’s on once you’ve left the house, this handy remote will help you keep a close eye on your fridge’s temperature and notify you if your fridge is actually off.


Get Comfortable

If you’re a camping pro, you know choosing a tent is no random game of eenie, meenie, miney, mo. Whether this is your first time shopping for a castle in the wilderness or you’re revamping your camping game, read on for our top truck tent picks so you can camp out without compromising on comfort or security.


Get Sleepy

Few things are worse than spending the night away from home without your creature comforts. Make sure your bed is well-equipped to meet your comfort level with the simple addition of an AirBedz Truck Bed Air Mattresses. You can choose from three different styles depending on your size preference or truck measurements – if you’re traveling in one. Or, simply add a pair of AirBedz Wheel Well Inserts and make it a full-size mattress for a cozy night under your tent.

We’ve covered a lot of camping info, but if you’ve read this far you’re on your way to a successful getaway. Cross these off your list and get going – just don’t forget the bug spray!